Well here’s to positive attitude – no matter if it is somewhat misguided. Tattoo Studios, the dinky, tiny little boxes going up in Wigan / Abel Smith St, are proceeding at an alarmingly fast pace. One week there was nothing, the next… well, there’s a whole load of concrete planks standing in the air there. Blink again and there’ll be some apartments before too long! It’s an interesting process to watch – not unlike a pack of cards (albeit not in cardboard, but in concrete) with the precast panels propped, then “glued” together (actually, welded via a small inset plate) and then more cardboard concrete planks placed on top for the next floor. As long as the glue jointing is strong enough, it won’t come down like a pack of cards – in fact, once it has been all connected together, it will be as strong as a box of strong things. And that’s strong.

But wait – what’s this? A sign board caught my fish eye – with a few Outrageous Comments inscribed upon it.

“Banks will like it.” I presume they’ve talked to them about the tiny size – wasn’t there something about banks not loaning money on projects less than 60 m2 ? And yet, these are only 50 m2 – if you measure them while squinting… This is a big move for the market – getting things underway again. There’s also the Te Aro Towers who have started on site nearby, and even Il Casino appears to be showing signs of creeping back into life. The real question here is not whether or not banks will like it – evidently they must be prepared to loan money on them – but how well they sell, and how much people like living in a small concrete box. We’ve talked about this development before – refer here for previous comments.

A curious claim of a 5m high ceiling makes it sound quite good – but then again, this is only in a tiny little portion near the front window. The rest of it will be – ooh, at a guess, a smidgeon over 2.4m legal minimum? Not really sure that claims of 5m high ceilings should be made, although that is bound to be the Estate agent, rather than the architect. There have been interesting things going on in the Estate agent world – since the Act was revised a year or so ago, there have been numerous – really, quite a lot – of complaints about various agents. To the point that the licensing board is getting a bit swamped. But I’m sure that the Agents involved here are all fine and dandy – nothing to worry about.

And another claim – “Bound to win awards.” Really?
A memorial award perhaps, for an exaggerating Estate Agent? Although, at least he has spelt awesome right… Bound to, eh? That has got me thinking. And awards plural too – more than one? Maybe a handful?

I’m really not sure what awards that the Estate agent is thinking it will win. A national design award? I’m not sure about that. A World Architecture Festival award? Almost definitely not. A concrete award, perhaps, as that is the only material that has been used so far. Or an award for innovative compactness? Because it certainly is that – in a good way, I think. Yes, they’re tiny, but with all that concrete, at least they will be a bit sound proof, and certainly won’t rot if they leak ! Your suggestions please, for what awards you think the Tattoo project should be entered in to win!

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