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The only way is UP, baby, for you and me now… So sang Yaz and the Plastic Population back in the 80s, and it’s what we are going to be singing now as well. Put your dancing shoes on and smash out the House music classics. There’s no doubt that the densities of our cities are going to be intensified, but we are left to discuss…

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The announcement that the Council (WCC) is looking at getting developers to take city office blocks and convert them to housing is a big game-changer. It is a sign of an increasingly heated property market and an increasingly frustrated Council, seeing as the Special Housing Areas set up by the Government have not really had any effect so far. It’s always hard to get new buildings…

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Meh. Bygones. I’m over it. What Wellington needs now, and seems very good at providing it, is a fresh start on an old street corner, and the corner of Abel Tasman and Cuba Street seems just the right place to do that. Wandering around this slightly forsaken part of town the other night, I hadn’t really realized just how funky and vibrant a mere street corner…

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Down here on Holland St, construction is definitely nothing new. Of late we’ve seen the Century City development starting to shape up, as well as the smaller additions of the oh-so-contemporary product spec office and the always-vibrant fuel expresso HQ. I had assumed that the construction site present on the first floor of the ‘zebra hostel’ was just simple renovation or the like; but the additon of an interesting catipillar-like lighting…