Skye Duncan

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And Spanked is putting it mildly. The report on their progress so far makes for miserable reading. You can read them here. The Executive Summary doesn’t hold back: “LGWM in its current state is at risk of failing to deliver an integrated, cohesive, prioritised and outcomes-driven package of investments.” and then it goes on further: “a process-driven rather than outcomes-driven focus; a project-led (i.e. bottom up)…

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We’re incredibly lucky to have with us today a veritable goddess of global city design, Skye Duncan. She’s talking today (Friday) at 1.30 at OPUS in the Majestic Centre and then at 3pm at the School of Architecture. You need to book – but Wow – she is totally worth it. If there is someone that Wellington needs right now, it is a visionary urban designer…