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On May 21 there was an article in the DomPost by Hank Schouten about shopping malls. The article said (provocatively, I thought), that : “More malls needed, say researchers”. This research, based on info paid for by international property wranglers Jones Lang LaSalle, noted that New Zealand has “only 0.4 square metres of mall space per person, which is low by international comparison.” Thank God for…

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So: the verdict is back, and the commissioners of the Council have agreed to the building of a new Mall in Johnsonville. And they’re also now formally seeking your feedback on the deletion of the Mall in Manners St. Apart from the name, there are very few similarities between them. I confess that I’m a wee bit surprised at the go-ahead for the J’ville Mall, given…

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If you have read the Dominion Post article on Manners, you will know that the plans to un-mall Manners Mall have just been passed. If you have read the Dominion Post article, you will also not know the full story. Whether due to the breaking nature of the announcement, or somewhat slanted journalistic intent, the dom doesn’t make mention of the news that the lower end…