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On May 21 there was an article in the DomPost by Hank Schouten about shopping malls. The article said (provocatively, I thought), that : “More malls needed, say researchers”. This research, based on info paid for by international property wranglers Jones Lang LaSalle, noted that New Zealand has “only 0.4 square metres of mall space per person, which is low by international comparison.” Thank God for…

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Thanks to the very friendly and amenable Wellington City Council External Media Advisor, Richard Maclean, we’ve been able to bring you some further info about the proposed new expansion to Johnsonville Mall. Now that’s what I call a helpful public service. So, to recap since our last message on Johnsonville, although the Council is still deciding whether it will publicly notify the scheme or not, the…

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In a move to the suburbs, an area not normally frequented by the Eye of the Fish, a Mall is on the menu. Johnsonville Mall, to be precise. And there’s a big fuss brewing. Not about the concept of a mall – after all, there’s one there already. But this one is due to be different, to be bigger. Much bigger. Unusually however, we can’t show…