Light Rail

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Let’s not pussyfoot around – Wellington needs a Rapid Transit system and that simply cannot be more buses. And it needs to be Rapid (like the name suggests) so it needs some new direct routes – that means new tunnels. Yes, plural: Tunnels. Dame Kerry Prendergast was wrong, like many people with limited vision of her era, in that she is seeing Wellington in the past,…

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Hi all. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted (feels like it could be ten years). But I’m back to raise some major flaws with the LGWM plans because this has been a near and dear subject to me over the past 20 years. None of these flaws appear to be necessary compromises forced by cost or other constraints. And it appears we could fix…

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We’ve been waiting for years for this and although it is not yet official, at long last we are seeing some progress. This was a scoop leaked by the Dom Post – and I’m keen to know more, so I’m posting it up here. While I’m sure that LGWM have gone through millions of alternatives, and fully evaluated tham and argued endlessly over them, for the…