Height limits

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While there is a need for good commentary on the Draft District Plan, expecting us ordinary citizens to go about our everyday jobs and still have the coherence to comment authoritatively on several hundred pages of new District Plan is asking a little too much of this particular Fish and their day job. So unless I get particularly creative and energetic over the next weekend, I…

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The only way is UP, baby, for you and me now… So sang Yaz and the Plastic Population back in the 80s, and it’s what we are going to be singing now as well. Put your dancing shoes on and smash out the House music classics. There’s no doubt that the densities of our cities are going to be intensified, but we are left to discuss…

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I have no idea how this thing works – perhaps you do? If you have any idea what is going on in the new draft District Plan, please reply in the comments below. On p32 of the new DP (Design Guide Centres & Mixed Use – DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION), it says: City Outcomes Contribution G.107. The scale of larger commercial, residential, or mixed-use developments has a…

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A new (proposed / draft / actual – who knows, really?) District Plan has dropped and it fills me with dread. Horror. Revulsion. They’ve only gone and screwed it up again, haven’t they? I’m not going to mince my words about this – what is being proposed in terms of height limits in the Central Area is a crime against humanity. What was discussed and submitted…