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Suddenly out of nowhere, a storm brews up. Media gets hold of a story, blows something up into a bigger storm than it deserves, and then away it goes. Social media gets hold of it and then you’re dogmeat – you get ripped apart in the court of social opinion. Pardon me for not getting as excited as some people are, but I just don’t think…

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While the news of the hour is that architect Chris Moller has left Grand Designs NZ (oh no!), and that they have not got a replacement yet (actually, they do, but I’m not going to tell you who), the REAL big issue – the news of the next decade or two or three or five – is that NZ is going to start to get serious…

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I’m loving the new kiwi version of Grand Designs. The host, Chris Moller, seems to be settling well into his job – and last night’s show was an absolute blinder. Architect Nic Ballara’s house (BBC Architects), clinging to the side of a cliff in Wellington, was a fascinating build to watch, and the finished creation was a joy to behold. Even the Stuff website has some…

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Watching an episode of Grand Designs recently, while on holiday, made me thankful that we don’t have such a high and idiotic level of bureaucracy as they do in England: but then again, nor do we have an architectural presenter with the charisma and sardonic tongue of Kevin McCloud.  In this programme, an architect called Francis Shaw was attempting to restore a castle in Skipton, in…