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Councilor Andy Foster writes: “A recent article asked ‘why isn’t there more evidence of progress for cycling under a green mayor’ ? Questions were also asked about how this all fits with transport overall. (Note: Photos sourced by Maximus, unless Clr Foster wants to send in alternatives…) So let’s start with cycling. As WCC Transport Leader from 2007-09 I led development of the City’s first ever…

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News of this has just come to light here at the Fish headquarters: the Council is supporting the ‘Great Harbour Way‘ cycle path along the edge of the big pond out there, “proposed to run almost 70 km from Pencarrow right around Wellington Harbour before finally ending at Owhiro Bay on Wellington’s South Coast.” That’s great news for cyclists, who for too long have had to…

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Wellington has long had an ambivalent attitude to alternative means of transport unloved in other cities – we still have trolley buses (long absent from Auckland or Christchurch), we have a cable car (NZ’s and one of the world’s few commuter vertical transporters), and the cops here seem to turn a blind eye to youths driving scooters, sidewinders or skateboards. In most major cities of the…