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“Art for Art’s sake – Money for God’s sake”. Or as we have it now, Growth for Growth’s sake. We now have a Council that has passed the Spatial Plan, in a decision that some have described being a battle over young vs old. Up to 80,000 more people will be able to live in our city, in a gradual process over the next 30+ years….

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At long last, what looks like it may be a productive Waiting Day. Big steps forward by Adern, particularly in saying “Hold us to account” and also to the smaller details, like the Ministers cooking the kai for the ordinary people, instead of the other way round. Cooperation, coordination of effort, mutual respect. Isn’t this the way it always should have been? Fingers crossed that it…

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Seems only fair that we should acknowledge this auspicious date in some way, and while I don’t plan to get married (dread thought) on this day, it is worth pointing out that we won’t be getting a similar date for another thousand and one years or so, and then only if we add a thirteenth month. So make the most of it. So this post is…

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On Thursday, Wellington held the Inaugural Housing Policy Forum. Admirably timed to help debate housing policies before the election, the Forum set out to examine New Zealand’s peculiar obsession with owning your own home: especially your own, detached, quarter acre, 4 walls and picket-fence type home.  The range of speakers included the right wing: Don Brash, Phil Heatley, Owen McShane, and Hugh Pavletich – and their…