Just in case you didn’t know already, there is an Architecture Film Festival starting Thursday 29 May here in Wellington – and going on every day for a whole two weeks – click here. Absolutely fantastic – just what we all want in the middle of this gloomy winter. Bugger the winter storms, I’m off to huddle in the nice womb-like rooms of the Embassy Deluxe suites, and watch films non-stop. Work? Twerk, Schmerk! In fact, why don’t they rename the venue the Delueze Suites, just for a couple of weeks? (Are students still reading that French philosophical crap I hear you say?). Who knows – who cares! I’m off to the Cinema!

Good on Resene for helping headline this Ffestival – apparently it is their 3rd time? And Rialto too – even though we don’t even have a Rialto cinema in town any more, seeing as Wellington knocked it down and built offices for tradeMe and Xero in its place. Previously some Architectural Films were put on by Jasmax a few years back, and it is great that enough people are interested in architecture and its many varied and wondrous stories to sustain a whole festival of film about it every year. Hopefully, some more posts about this soon. Possibly more coherent than this post! See you there!

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