If you’re not aiming at a substantial – a SUBSTANTIAL – increase in PT numbers, then what are you doing here? Wellington City is already aiming at a substantial increase in the number of people living in the city over the next 20-30 years, of about a 30% increase in population. NZTA have already established quite thoroughly in the Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry, that all the main roads into and out of Wellington are pretty much running at full capacity at peak times already – and no new roads into or out of the city are bing planned. Therefore it can only follow that any increase in extra population, will need to be handled by a corresponding increase in Public Transit.

Public Transit needs to meet certain criteria to succeed. It needs to be:
Fast (faster than taking a car).
Cheap (cheaper than taking a car).
Safe (safer than taking a car).
Reliable (ditto, etc).
Clean (ditto).
Comfortable (ditto).
Convenient (parking is always going to be simpler with PT than with using a car…).

It also needs to be able to scale upwards to cope with extra growth pressures. Having a proposed Public Transit system that achieves none of these, is absolutely pointless. Therefore, what the Eye of the Fish thinks, is that we need to be looking at a PT system that can give increases in the order of what I show here – or we all pack up and go home, leaving this city to rot. First to go home should be PWC, authors of their useless report.

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