Far be it from me to say that negotiations are dragging on, but things are slow !

The cast of Red Dwarf

Post-script: Winston, the consumate politician, has been leading all the shots so far – he has renegotiated the negotiating room to Auckland, to a hotel that no doubt the Taxpayer will be ultimately paying the bill, made sure that Luxon and Seymour are coming to him on bended knee with gold, frankincense and myrr, made sure that the young pale female on the horizon is pushed back firmly beneath the ground, and no doubt about it, he will have changed the scenario from National+ACT with NZFirst in the background, to National+NZFirst, with ACT off to one side. He has sampled the low-hanging baubles of office once before – this time he will want more. He won’t be placated by shiny things like Minister for Racing, this time he will want major portfolios with major ummmpfh. Attorney General? Deputy PM? Minister of Business? Meanwhile, the ship sails on, rudderless…

The new National / Act / First government is ready to take us to unknown places!