Normal transmission will be resumed shortly. In the mean time, ponder this:

Not a very architectural image, to be sure, but an inspiring one none the less: if the Maximus is to get back a figure like this, then we need to get off our butts and away from the keyboard. It is increasingly difficult to write about design in a city which pays only lip service to it: although I’m not the Political Busker, I’ve also been incredibly depressed about the crap proposal that has been railroaded through Manners Mall without any evidence of good design.

Council elections are coming up later this year: not that far away. Nominations for Mayor and Councillors have just been opened – and it would be good to have a Mayoral candidate that would stand for good design. Last time Mayor Kerry swept back in, on the basis of policies that were, umm, I think it was “more of the same”. Or “unfinished business”. Or something equally vaguely threatening. The usual suspects of Pepperel and Goulden stood against her, and failed to get in – it must be unpleasant to lead an organisation where so many of your ‘friends’ and colleagues openly campaign against you.

So: I throw open to you Councillors and readers of the Eye of the Fish, to answer the question: What are you going to do to ensure that we have good design in our buildings and public places in Wellington?

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