Watching TV with aged relatives over the last few days, as that is what they still do, it became obvious to me what a miserable existence we have left our elderly with in this aspect. Unable to do such things as subscribe to Netflix and listen to podcasts, instead they are subject to the banality of terrestrial free to air TV, or as I like to call it, HarveyNormanLand. Endless adverts repeating time and time again, banging on about discounts on lounge suites and vacuum cleaners, the same earnest but irritating voices urging consumers to buy, buy, buy, at never to be repeated low prices, interspersed with short breaks between adverts of miserable news about rapes, murders, car accidents, wars, and an inevitable story about a cat who likes to bring home socks.

It is banality hell, and yet wandering through the old people’s homes, past their bedrooms, they are all tuned to TVNZ One, watching the Chase every night, waiting for the News but dreading the News, listening to the Bradley Walsh set them a target that that they cannot catch, shortly followed by a Chaser that wipes the floor with the team of four, and their dreams of winning cash and a holiday to see far off countries slides gently down the tubes of despair and irrelevancy, before unleashing another bulletin of yet more rapes, murders, car accidents, wars, and some obligatory story about how Christmas has been rained out up North, but this hasn’t spoiled the fun for Fred and Rose, stranded in a camp site and rained out, but still happy, and now its time for some more stories about rapes, murders, car accidents, wars, after this break for some commercials featuring sausages on sale at Pack n Save. It is a living hell, only to be relieved, hopefully, one day when the torment of growing old and being kept alive by endless pharmaceuticals ends and their poor old ancient bodies can rest at last.

It’s hell, on earth. And yet the people on TV sing songs of Joy to the World in a Christmas special from Westminster Abbey, with Wills and Kate, and inevitable stories of plucky disabled children who have risen and shone despite their adversity.

And yet I find it hard to concentrate on Bradley and the Chase while all around the world people are being treated appallingly, or are treating others appallingly, or literally bombing the shit out of each other, endlessly, either by merciless dictators in Russia or evil bastards in Israel or stupid Senators in the USA who are too stupid to vote for anyone other than that orange-faced buffoon with a pathological inability to do anything else other than lie and bullshit, and sometimes I really just do need to have a nice story about a cat who steals socks because the real world is just all too hard and nasty. Peace on Earth. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to have…

No more please. Time for some Peace, on Earth.