The Fish may have been a bit quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working hard on some great stories. In the mean time therefore, a couple of links to other sites. First up is the Arch Centre, who are currently having a discussion over that mad charlatan Richard Gage, who claims that the twin trade towers and the other building were all blown up, not destroyed by jet planes. Seeing as I saw it on tv with my own eyes, and have friends who were living in Manhatten and got covered in toxic dust as their neighbours exploded, I’m inclined to think Gage is talking twaddle, and should be shunned. Anyway – a conversation of sorts is going on over there, and also an excellent post by Giovanni Tiso here.

Next up, The Wellingtonista is having their 4th Annual Wellingonista Awards (the TAWAs) – sadly, Eye of the Fish didn’t make it onto the “best wellingtonians contribution to the Internet” voting form this year – we were on last year, a great honour, but got beaten by a bunch of geeky, uploading, uploafing photographers on the Wellington FlickR group. This year, we just can’t lose to them again – mainly because we are not nominated, but also because neither are they. Yippee! That’ll learn ya!

Ahem. Apologies. Of course they deserved to win. Normal decorus service resumed. Nominees this year are:
Nathalie Hofsteede for Givealittle,
Robbie Ellis: Manners Mall Emo Song (AKA Buslane Through My Heart),
Giovanni Tiso for Bat, Bean, Beam – A Weblog on Memory and Technology, and
Mico Santos for The Sidestrip.
Yes, I confess some of those are new to me too. But not any longer. Excellent choices, Wellingtonista crew! The web keeps growing wider every minute.

A few weeks back we posted something asserting that the Dominion Post had no interest in showing architecture:

When was the last time that the Dom Post had any interest in showing architecture ? They need a rocket up them to get off their butts and show an interest in “the mother of all arts”.

Time for a bet, me thinks, that I would like to be losing. Hats off to the Dom Post if they get to print more than one obligatory photo when they run the Wellington NZIA Award winners. But I’ll wager a chocolate Fish that we get a maximus of 1 pic published (not counting NZIA adverts). And I’ll go further: I bet we get nothing at all on the DomPost website. I’ll happily wager an entire box of chocolate Fish to anyone who can convince the Dom to run them on their website.

But I was wrong. There was a whole THREE photos in the paper, and they listed all the judges citations in the Dominion on line (but showed only one photo on the website). Actually, Arch Centre beat me to it once again, and showed the whole lot there, which is just as well as I couldn’t be bothered. Those awards evenings bore me silly. Of course, the DomPost had an entire half page spread of buildings the next day or so later, when the Master Builders House of the Year competition was announced, with 4 or more large colour photos in the paper, so I suspect it just comes down to who pays the biggest advertising bill to be featured in the paper. I can suspect that the Architects institute thingy has less money than the Master Builders, so maybe that’s how they get it up there, so to speak. Anyway, I’ve got a box of chocolate fish to pay my dues, and as the Eye of the Fish is somewhat unknown, as are the majority of the commenters, then I can’t exactly stand on a street corner handing out fish. So I’ll offer them to the Wellingtonista crew to give away in some fashion at the TAWAs.

Of course there are many more things we could link you to, like the poor deluded Johnsonvillians who think they will be in a ghetto if they allow more houses in, or the wingeing Makararians who have amazingly sensitive ears, or how the Kilbirnie Sports Centre will cut costs, but still cost more.
And more besides.
Coming soon.
To a computer.
Near you.