You know when you’ve been waiting for something to arrive for ages, and then when you finally realise it is here, the time for comment is almost up? No? Is that just me then?

MBIE has put out a discussion document (a month ago, apparently, in April) that they want your / my / our feedback on by May 28th on their proposals for Building Code Updates, as well as comments on Building System Reform, the LBP scheme, and Engineer’s licensing by May 31st. This is all going to be BIG I suspect.

I’ve only just downloaded and printed out the first monster document, so still have to read it thoroughly – but it covers things like:

The most significant proposed changes to the Building Code aim to:

  • increase the number of climate zones to 6 zones which will better reflect the weather that different parts of New Zealand experience
  • change the amount of insulation needed in homes and buildings across the country and vary depending on where the building is located
  • introduce a new verification method to ensure heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in commercial buildings are designed and installed to reduce the load on the national grid
  • ensure complex buildings over 3 stories, such as high rise buildings and apartments have enough natural light.

While the Building System Reform book covers Product Certification, Modular Building Components, and Building Product information. None of this stuff is exciting, but all of it is vitally important, as we are the people who will have to be dealing with the outcomes of all of this for the next 5-20 years.

Engineer’s have probably been given a head’s up on their profession’s overhaul – some definite big changes there. What is even more important though, is the changes proposed for the LBP scheme. This is the scheme that we thought was going to guarantee excellence of work on site – except that so far, of course, it has not done that at all.

Anyway – no time to talk – get stuck into the reading ! Back soon !