All things going well, you should see a new mast-head on the Eye of the Fish today. It is part of a visual – actually, it’s a little work of art – by the wonderfully talented and incredibly gorgeous Kelly Spencer. Most of the time you’ll only get to see a slither of the Fish, and that all-seeing Eye, but we might let you peek under the flippers from time to time. Here’s a peek for now…

One day we may even let you see the whole fish – but for now, it’s a pleasure that only I, and Miss Kelly, can partake in….

Kelly is one of those new breed of artists – largely self-taught, and yet highly competent in the art of illustration, whilst being completely at home with digital media. She has a website with more of her work for sale, and you may have seen some of her work around town or elsewhere on the web.

I don’t think I have ever commissioned an artwork before – talked to a lot of artists, of course, but never actually said: “Paint me this!” or even: “Please paint me this!” or even: “I’d really like to have something like this – do you think you would be able to fit me into your schedule?” Of course, the Fish, with the Jedi mind force, was able to communicate telepathically with young Kelly, and impart to her that what she had really been wanting to paint for years, was in fact a Fish. Oh sure, she’s done animals before – a Duck, an Elephant, a Donkey, a real Elephant, and even manages to make a Warthog look pretty (well, what gorgeous face isn’t set off better with a pearl necklace?) – I mean really, a Warthog? Kelly sees beauty in everything.

Anyway – so we said to her, being the big corporate bad cats that we are, here at the Fish – Hey there – how about a Fish for the Blog? Only stipulation is that it must have a nice Eye. And look Fishy. And so she did – and we did – and it does – and we love it. Without even meeting any of us here at the Fish, she captured the essence of Fish perfectly – not just big and bald, but also frothy, elegant, weightlessness and gracefully floating… gently blowing bubbles through a pair of (a Kelly Spencer special this one): big luscious lips. Mmmm, FishLips….

Anyway: so, if you want some speedy, clever, and incredibly artistic renders done, talk to Kelly Spencer.

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