The Eye of the Fish

August 21, 2010


A complete change of tack, and just because it amuses me so much: today, a picture. Thanks to Murder Burger (time you guys opened a branch in Wellington please!), and a tip o’ the hat to m-d, for alerting me to yet another way of wasting away my life… But, I just love this one, and it is, ever so slightly, an urban commentary. Enjoy your weekend!

23 - 08 - 10

I also used to wonder how castles caught fire, until I visited Hever Castle and realised that the inside of castles was usually timber… don’t laugh too loud!

What about a competition for people to submit their favourite urban-related cartoon? Now seems like a good time for some light relief, and there must be some other good ones out there…

And have you seen the article in the NZ Herald for plans for the two cities in Sudan shaped like a rhino and a giraffe? Worth a look if you want a break from Golden Miles and mayoral candidates.

24 - 08 - 10

Sarah, absolutely – we definitely need some light relief – and I hereby launch the search for Best Urban / Architectural cartoon. Please send any good ones to our contact address – which is, of course, ummm…
contact @ eyeofthefish . org

Stating a source if you have one, and in the knowledge that we probably won’t publish them if they are NSFW (but send them in anyway, and we’ll be the judge…)

Prize, of course, will be in Chocolate Fish.

Now – off to search for Sudanese comic section on rhinos. They’re not overly known for their urban design or standup over there – but honestly, surely they’re joking…?