The Eye of the Fish

Let’s Get Wellington Feedback


LGWM is clearly on a path of “They told us off for not consulting last time, so let’s consult the hell out of it this time” and so they have released a couple more agonisingly slow feedback mechanisms. It’ll probably take them another 3 years to collate the data, but let’s give them some data […]

Pretty Awful in pink


It’s a tough life being an architect – even tougher when others don’t respect what you do. You spend all your time working on a modern marvel of a building, slogging out the hours to create a building that will last the years, suspending it on base isolators to make it last 1000 years, and […]



Despite our continued lack of a certified Mayor (recount? what recount?) the really big story this week continues to be the 2040 announcement by Wellington Airport that they want to expand. Not just expand the length of the runway, but expand the parking for planes, expand the retail, expand the terminal(s) and expand their scope. […]

Rapid Wellington


I’m still holding my breath. We’re almost certain, but still not 100% sure, that Andy Foster is the new Mayor of Wellington and we’re not yet certain what that means. I’m still a bit surprised at the result even though I voted for Foster, as looking back at the last two elections, Foster polled very […]

Clever Core


We may have just seen the start of a quantum shift in house construction in New Zealand this week. With the opening in Auckland of a new house building factory by Fletcher Building, named Clever Core, Aotearoa may have at last taken a major move towards prefabrication of housing and therefore the start of a […]

New political landscape


So, provisionally, we have a new Mayor in Wellington – also a new Mayor in Lower Hutt (but sadly not in Upper Hutt) and in Porirua – and nobody knows yet about Kapiti. Things are exciting in Porirua with Anita Baker’s win there, and even more so in the Hutt with the very young Barry […]



Hi there – it’s Captain Nemo here, with an infrequent appearance on the esteemed Eye of the Fish. Just want to bring to your attention the launch of a new book – Tall: the Design and Construction of High-rise Architecture – being unveiled to the world on Wednesday October 9th at 5.30 and you’re all […]

Scootering along


Have you ridden a scooter yet? One of those new-fangled electric scooter thingies, not those little children’s ones about the size of a kneecap? All those in favour say “Aye !!” All those against say “Nay !!” The Ayes have it. No? Party vote called for! While Wellington is well served by buses through the […]

“Little Amsterdam of the South Pacific”


Last night I went along to the public meeting to meet some candidates for the upcoming election, labelled “Talking Transport”. With columnist Dave Armstrong conducting the proceedings, it was a fairly humorous evening at the ASB Indoor Arena, probably with the highlight being the very beginning, where Armstrong introduced our city with a sardonic viewpoint […]