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Noisy city living

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Its not just residents living near the Establishment that thinks living in the city can be a noisy affair. I’m overjoyed to hear that residents in Seville have also had enough of noisy visitors milling and shouting in the streets below. They’ve just passed a law about it in Seville, according to the Guardian, and [...]

$465 million of investment?


“It’s a tragedy that the actions of a tiny minority of people have succeeded in holding back Wellington for years to come. Their opposition to the Basin Reserve bridge project will cost countless jobs and has other significant ramifications. Wellington could miss out on around $465million of investment.” So says the current head of the [...]


Surprise, surprise, SURPRISE: the answer is NOT a flyover!


Well, my abilities at prediction are evidently way off the mark – as noted in the previous post, the Board of Inquiry have returned their verdict, and the result is an (almost) resounding defeat for the proponents of the Flyover – the Resource Consent is declined. I’m delighted to have been shown to be so [...]


Surprise surprise, the answer is a Flyover


The official Board of Inquiry report is due out on the 22nd July, but I wouldnt hold your breath if you think there is going to be anything radically different coming out of it. So, rather than waiting another day to have my suspicions confirmed, I’m going public today with an Eye of the Fish [...]


Heritage Idol – really?


I’m not sure whether to be horrified or to applaud the idea that buildings could be required to compete against each other in a sort of “Heritage Idol” as indicated in the paper today. Just how close to the idea of the Reailty TV show are the Council prepared to take it? I’ve always enjoyed [...]


On film


When the weather does nothing but rain, that’s a good time in my books to go to the movies. Pick a venue, go inside, and escape from the war-torn horrors of human aggression / reality into a world of cinematic make-believe, if only for a couple of hours. Luckily for me, last night the Roxy [...]


The Architecture of an Islamic Caliphate


Here at the Eye of the Fish, religion is pretty much avoided as a topic of discussion. Apart from a love of old gothic architecture, and in fact old buildings in general, I feel that religion is pretty much a pointless belief system, out-dated and irrelevant. Which is why I am, on occasions, irreverent. But [...]


Keen sheen and the presence to Avoid


As the sun was shining and glinting in a wonderful golden sheen off all the buildings in the weekend, the Fish went for another exploration, in search of lost architecture. Can anyone name this little frontier town? It’s seen better times…. There is a whole street of mostly boarded up buildings, and not a whole [...]


Post-industrial dildo


There has been an assertion lately, that this blog is, as the title indicates, “a post-industrial dildo, violently thrusting its way into Internet obscurity”. D Sauerteig (whoever that may be – Sauerteig is the German word for Sourdough, so surely a pseudonym for Kim Dot Com….) then went on to say: “You need to learn [...]