The Eye of the Fish


I like to move it, move it


In the immortal and well-crafted words of American electronic and reggae-influenced duo Reel 2 Real: I like to move it, move it I like to move it, move it I like to move it, move it Ya like to move it! So – what is Lets Get Wellington Moving actually planning to do? I feel […]


2018 Timber Design Award winners


The Eyes of the Fish are everywhere, so we can report with a reasonable amount of accuracy that there have been some pretty fantastic wins from Wellington architects and engineers at the NZ Wood 2018 Timber Design Awards tonight (Thursday). Timber design in this country is clearly doing well, judging by the abundance of talent […]


Does more housing = eco-city?


I’m confused – and I think that Wellington City Council might be a little confused as well. We have a great little capital down here at the end of the motu, which is growing at a steady rate. Those extra people and extra houses need to go somewhere, that’s for sure, but surely the “where” […]


The Block


I’m rooting for the boys. The boys on the Block that is – yes, one of those terrible reality TV shows, heavily sponsored by the companies they repeatedly promote. This year it’s in Hobsonville (it’s always in Auckland, of course, where property renovation and house ‘flipping’ has become the main religion). This year, also, it […]

Mercer 1940

Te Ngakau Civic Square


New Zealand doesn’t really “do” public plazas very well, in the overall planning of our cities: we’ve tried, but they really haven’t worked. Each city has one: Dunedin has the Octagon, Christchurch has Cathedral Square, Auckland has Aotea Square, and Wellington has Civic Square. Continuing on from that, Palmerston North has The Square, Napier has […]


NLTP – Wellington


National Land Transport Programme – 2018 to 2021. We’ve had NLTP before, but this one is different. This is the first time, to my knowledge, that the NLTP has so openly included not just transport solutions for cars and trucks, but has also included funding for cycleways, footpaths, public transport, and most importantly: including trains. […]


Arlington – next phase


Wellington has the highest proportion of Council-provided housing in the country, and a large chunk of that housing is situated on Arlington St. You’re probably all familiar with Arlington as it is on one of the main routes through the city – but a lot of it is looking fairly run down right now. Some […]


Friday colour


A quick post for a Friday – a new wall in town. Quiz question starter for ten points: Where’s this? Chocolate fish to the first correct respondent!


Lack of structural redundancy


Morandi bridge a week on: the key thing, I believe, is a lack of structural redundancy. For the bridge to collapse as it did, something needed to give way – and it was unlikely to be a member in compression, so that rules the struts out. We know the tower remained standing after the roadway […]