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Too Soon? : Delayed reflection on Wellington’s rapid reopening


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Or, is it?!” proclaimed no one in the furore which surrounded Wellington’s rapid reopening after the 7.8 Kaikoura quake. Well. I think someone should have. With the dust firmly settled – at least for now – from last month’s earthquake, it is timely to note […]


Centreport: the sea gives and the sea takes away


Down at the old Harbour Board building this week for the launch of the Wellington City Council Heritage Index (an excellent resource, long overdue, and very welcome), we were in the Boardroom of the old Harbour Board, with ancient faces staring down at us disapprovingly. There we were, mostly women, and on the walls, old, […]




This. We need this for Wellington. Thanks to the wonderful TransportBlog in Auckland for bring that to my attention. We need a dedicated action group for Wellington to reclaim our city from the grip of the motorcar. The WCC, the GWRC, and the NZTA started off with “Get Welly Moving” but they appear to have […]


Chase – the demolition


Following last week’s large earthquake in Kaikoura (now uprated to 7.8, which is a sizeable monster), a number of buildings in Wellington have been cordoned off, and so far, three buildings have been slated for demolition. They are: the former ICI House (designed by Stephenson & Turner, constructed 1962-65) in 61 Molesworth St. the Statistics […]


NO Red Zone


Following on from the previous post singing the praises of the structural engineers inspecting our buildings in the heart of the capital, this post is almost the opposite: don’t let anyone “Red Zone” our city. I’m not sure who is even promoting the idea, but it is not one to be taken lightly. Yes, we […]

City engineers inspect buildings in the central business district in Wellington on early November 14, 2016, following an earthquake centred some 90 kilometres (57 miles) north of New Zealand's South Island city of Christchurch. 
A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked New Zealand early November 14, the US Geological Survey said, prompting a tsunami warning and knocking out power and phone services in many parts of the country.  / AFP PHOTO / Marty Melville

Hero Engineers


Engineers sometimes get a bad press, but I think it is worth singing their praises today. While we have all been huddled inside by the fire (or, if you don’t have a fire, then huddled by the cat), our Structural Engineering buddies have been slogging it out, going round town, inspecting buildings. Late at night, […]


Getting off lightly


Once again we have an earthquake, and once again, our city gets off lightly. Despite all the hoohaa and sirens and tsunami warnings etc, and apart from the tragic loss of a couple of people in the South Island, Wellington has brushed off the quakes with a shrug. And that is exactly what we should […]


Roger Walker: Britten House

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Wonderful to hear that last night Roger Walker received the NZIA Gold Medal for 2016 – well deserved and long overdue. There was quite a nice wee film screened about Roger and his work / life, featuring of course some suitably humorous tales about cars, women, his connection with Ath, and above all, architecture. Sadly, […]


Les vainqueurs français


A reminder, of far-off wars, and very nearly announced competitions. The Pukeahu National War Memorial Park is announcing the winners of the competition for a memorial to the French war dead, on 11 November. The entries are all on display up at the old Dominion Museum, just at the start of Peter Jackson’s WWII exhibition […]