The Eye of the Fish




As our glorious leader starts to return home to beloved motherland, please to make good satisfaction with homage to prime interest of glorious leader in all fullness. Red is not favourite colour of glorious leader, but after this, maybe? Even Iggy getting jiggy wid it. Stranger things have happened. Some nice. Some not so nice. [...]

ANZAC commemoration


100 years to the day, since the “birth” of our nation. Wellington has seen an outpouring of World War One nostalgia and whakamatauranga – remembrance – for those who lost their lives. Yesterday was a quite wonderful piece of street theatre produced by Sir Peter Jackson, who seems to have a slightly unhealthy fascination towards [...]

Long term plan


Councilor Helene Ritchie has posed a list of very good questions – which she is seeking feedback on. What DO we want from our Long Term Plan? Wellington City Council is seeking feedback, by April 17. So, hurry up! Ok, over to Councilor Ritchie:   0274488669   Your answers will help guide me in [...]

old state house

NZTA beats Salvation Army to buy old State houses


After last week’s trashing of plans by the Government to sell old state houses to the Salvation Army, it is emerging that a new buyer is on the market. According to internal Beehive leaks from deep within the Ministry, NZTA has tentatively put its hand up to take over the Social Housing portfolio. While this [...]


Über super Cuba Dupa but weather is a party pooper


Like about half of Wellington it seems, I’ve been out and about enjoying myself at the first ever Cuba Dupa carnival / musical extravaganza / street party. So far, it has been FANTASTIC !!!! Yes, Wellington rained a little on the Parade yesterday, but things still went off with a Bang. Although it has multiple [...]


Pukeahu opens with dawn service


Not sure how many of you were up before dawn thins morning, but those involved with the creation of Pukeahu – the national War Memorial Park in front of the carilon tower in central Wellington – and directly above the Arras tunnel – were up at 4.30 this morning for a blessing and lengthy welcome [...]

Healthy Homes Amendment Bill


I saw something amazing on TV tonight. No, not the X-Factor with only 2 judges, and no, not the Batchelor with a bunch of simpering blondes preening over a well packed 6 pack. And, sadly, no, not a repeat of Casanova on Prime, supposedly set in Venice but actually set in Dubrovnik (the giveaway: how [...]


On architects and mighty kauri trees


Seems like the ghosts of Nick Smith anti-RMA efforts are coming home to roost in his kauri trees already. You may remember that a few years ago (2009), the Eye of the Fish posted an article “Why does National hate trees?” in which the changes to the RMA were discussed, under the RMA “Streamlining” Bill. [...]


NZTA roads explained


Since Scoop posted a top-secret document online, via Peter Dunn, I’ve been trying to make sense of what NZTA and the Mayors of our cities, are up to. In the end, i figured that the only way I could make sense of the discussion was to make my own maps. The lack of coordinated and [...]