The Eye of the Fish

Public Transport up Taranaki Street


For now at least, we’re all out of cute colourful graphics. Done my dash. Shuffled off this mortal coil as regard the photoshopping route-lines, which were here, and here, and here, and here. But the story is not yet over. Betterbee, the moniker for one of Wellington’s better educated transport gurus, reckons I’ve got it […]

Starting at the Station


Having been looking in depth at the Airport route last week, and having already looked at the Basin area, its time now to return to Base One: the start of any Light Rail / Public Transport route at Wellington Railway Station. A lot of this has been covered off by LGWM in their document dump, […]

To the AirPort


There has been interesting dialog over the past few days on the Eye of the Fish, regarding exactly how the routes out east might connect with Kilbirnie, Miramar and ultimately, the airport. I’ve been working on preparing these plans I’m publishing here for quite some time, so they date from pre-discussion times and as such, […]

Heading South-East


Given that everyone seems to agree that any new PT route needs to go down to Newtown to visit the Hospital (thereby removing any need for doctors, nurses and staff to have to drive to work) and then possibly the Zoo (as another main attraction) and then cross over to Kilbirnie for the large and […]

Public Transport network


Following on from the diagram that Eye of the Fish published a short while ago, it has come out that this is, indeed, more or less exactly the route that LGWM have proposed as well. The binding issue is, of course, that they have still not done three things: A) Agreed on what type of […]

Scrap or Save?


What? The Wellington Branch of NZIA is to stage a public meeting on the fate of Wellington Central Library, the Ian Athfield-designed building that has been closed for seismic reasons by Wellington City Council. Why? There has been speculation in the media that the Council may be leaning towards the demolition of the building, although […]

Progress derailed


A fairly stunning result for Wellington yesterday with the derailment at the throat of the main Railway Station. It makes it harder for pro-rail enthusiasts to get the message across that Rail is better, when an event like this takes out all of the Metlink lines that pass through there. You know the story by […]

Exploding Morandi


The infamous “Morandi” bridge in Genoa, that collapsed so catastrophically in Genoa a year ago, has now been permanently removed from existence. It has been an interesting process – some parts have been deconstructed carefully, piece by piece, lowering vast concrete bridge sections down via tall mobile cranes… the remaining pieces, like a giant V, […]

Taxi !!


This week saw the start of several licensed e-scooter services, and the footpaths of Wellington have been full of Pink Flamingos zipping back and forth. This week also saw the first death on a scooter in NZ, with an Auckland man dying while scooting his Lime along Fanshawe St. You’d have to be mad or […]