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Blade Runner 2049


Thirty years is a long time to think about a sequel. Many sequels try to equal the original, most sequels fail, miserably. If Blade Runner was such a gloriously influential cult film, how do you top it with a sequel of any sort? But as you probably know by now, Blade Runner 2049 is not […]


Blade Runner


Going to see Blade Runner again on Saturday night was like sleeping with an old friend that you had not seen for years. It was exciting, but not entirely unexpected; it was what you remembered, but with other parts you had forgotten how they went together; it was like being home at last, but it […]




There was some wonderful wooden news about Wellington last night, with the announcement of a new timber tower for the CBD. It’s a new building being developed for Robert Jones Holdings, which in itself is unusual as Sir Robert Jones normally just likes to buy and hold, but here his company has decided to redevelop […]


Venice returns to Aotearoa

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I’m filling in here while Levi is away (not sure when he’ll be back again), so here is a welcome tale, not exactly about Wellington, but definitely about Architecture. You’ve probably all heard about the Venice Biennale of Art, where New Zealand has been exhibiting for the last several times, some more successfully than others? […]




Sad news today that the Matterhorn is to close. A Wellington institution, a Cuba St staple, a 60s icon beyond compare. In many other worlds, the Matterhorn would be a sacrosanct thing, a protected and listed function, and yet here, at the word of an engineer, it is to be largely destroyed. Sad indeed. But […]


Feeling Dizney?


There’s something ever appealing about Walt Disney’s mouse creation that transcends the years – but even I thought I had double vision at this sight – somewhere in a german back street from memory. But this got me thinking – not really in any particular urban or architectural way, but just generally thinking about Mickey […]

New blogs for Wellington

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While my efforts have been wilting lately, thankfully, other blogs are springing up to take the place of this one. First up is Congestion Free Wellington, which is, as it says on their blog, a “congestion-free Wellington coalition made up of Cycle Aware Wellington, FIT: Fair Intelligent Transport, Living Streets Aotearoa, OraTaiao: The NZ Climate […]


If only


A lovely song with a lovely architectural video – Teeks. What a voice !


Housing Taskforce


The report of the Mayor’s Housing Taskforce is out and you can download it to read at your leisure. Spear-headed by Mayor Justin Lester and Deputy Mayor Paul Eagle, the report has been prepared by a group of people, Members of the Housing Taskforce, that reads like this: Deputy Mayor Paul Eagle, Chair Stephanie McIntyre, […]