The Eye of the Fish

RMA vs Affordable housing


So the National Party’s pet pit bull, Nick Smith, has launched the first attack on the RMA last night in Nelson. According to Smith, the RMA has been the cause of 40,000 houses not being built, and has cost taxpayers 30 billion. As well as that, the RMA apparently adds on about $30,000 in cost [...]

Ath lives on

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Sad news this morning to hear that Ian Athfield had died. I didn’t know him well – must be one of the few people that had never worked for him – so I suspect that he lives on well in the hearts of many of Wellington’s finest. Ath was, it has to be said, a [...]

Mystery location

Mystery beach location


OK – as a slow start back into the new year for all you sleepy people, returning from summer holidays in dribs and drabs, I’ve got a summer beachside hotspot location for you. Can anyone name the location? And for extra bonus points – can you name the architect?

New Transport group forming

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An interesting development: the continued irritation by NZTA and their autocratic methods of planning has spurred the creation of a new Transport group. It’s all rather fledgling at present – no name or website yet, but info about it can be found over at the Strathmore Park website. They say: “Who are we? – We [...]

Arise, Sir Ath


Sir Ian, or Sir Ath? Probably, to anyone who knows him, Ath will still just be Ath. It’s a most remarkable transformation really, from a long-haired, large-bearded, rebellious young student of the 60s, building curiously unorthodox structures all over Wellington hillsides; to a well-respected pillar of the architectural community being recognized for a lifetime’s worth [...]

Convention Centre debacle


It was too soon to shut down shop and say Merry Christmas, it seems. The debacle that is currently underway on the foreshore is too much – it’s hard to believe that the process could have gone so badly wrong, so quickly. Let’s recap: 1. The Convention Centre was to have been on land between [...]

Merry Fishmas

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It has been a strange sort of end to the year, with me trying to take over from what looks like an abdication by Maximus. Difficult act to follow. But Wellington needs an outlet for discussion on architecture, and urban matters, and this seems to be it – at least, until anyone else wants to [...]


Roof light

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Progress at the Park. Skeletal structure of the new Memorial Park pedestrian shelters Although this framework looks quite interesting, I think it is due to be covered over, top and bottom. So enjoy it while it lasts. Also being erected over the last few weeks, is the Australian war memorial. First up is the steel [...]


Site 10


A publicly notified consent application is a rare thing, despite what Nick Smith says. Site 10, at Kumutoto, is notified now. Rest assured, that Waterfront Watch will be objecting vociferously to this proposal, with numerous objectionable submissions being submitted. You may also want to add your voice re the scheme. You have until Dec 18th, [...]