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End of the Golden Weather?

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I can’t believe how long and how beautiful this summer has been. Brings on a severe disinclination to sit inside and blog, I must say… Normal transmission (if there is such a thing) may be resumed shortly. May be. Snapped this moment from the foreshore the other day (oh, to have a cottage that close [...]


Time to get ugly?


I’m still trying to get to grips with how to publish prodigiously here on the Fish, as my esteemed predecessor did, and thinking of articles – and actually writing them, are two very different scenarios it seems. For instance, today in the Dom Post the front page of the World section notes that “Better buildings [...]

Ugly Auckland Convention Centre


While I haven’t really got the faintest clue what the real deal is with Wellington’s proposed Convention Centre (and ensuent Hilton Hotel), given that we have had no news except for one article saying that the Cable St site was no longer being looked at, and a waterfront Wharf was instead (come on you guys [...]

flag change

Flagging a new country


Waitangi Day, and thoughts of nationhood… Does New Zealand need a new flag? I believe so, yes. That sort of goes without saying – our present flag is an anachronistic, tired, too same-same as Australia, rag of cloth that bears little relationship to our modern nation. The fact that athletes so happily compete under the [...]


Short on Space?

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Seeing as there is a lot of discussion on the best way to house NZ’s growing population, and how to cope with increasing housing unaffordability, it seems like an appropriate time to post this picture. Some things never really change. Photo taken in 1937 with a lovely device (not so sure whether it would pass [...]

RMA vs Affordable housing


So the National Party’s pet pit bull, Nick Smith, has launched the first attack on the RMA last night in Nelson. According to Smith, the RMA has been the cause of 40,000 houses not being built, and has cost taxpayers 30 billion. As well as that, the RMA apparently adds on about $30,000 in cost [...]

Ath lives on

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Sad news this morning to hear that Ian Athfield had died. I didn’t know him well – must be one of the few people that had never worked for him – so I suspect that he lives on well in the hearts of many of Wellington’s finest. Ath was, it has to be said, a [...]

Mystery location

Mystery beach location


OK – as a slow start back into the new year for all you sleepy people, returning from summer holidays in dribs and drabs, I’ve got a summer beachside hotspot location for you. Can anyone name the location? And for extra bonus points – can you name the architect?

New Transport group forming

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An interesting development: the continued irritation by NZTA and their autocratic methods of planning has spurred the creation of a new Transport group. It’s all rather fledgling at present – no name or website yet, but info about it can be found over at the Strathmore Park website. They say: “Who are we? – We [...]