The Eye of the Fish

To Tunnel? or Not Two Tunnel?


That IS the question alright, being asked all over Wellington as we near the time for an election. This year, Council elections appear to be up in the air – in a big way. We have a wide range of candidates for all Councils, and really, it is hard to know who to vote for. […]

America’s Cup


Although normally concerned with matters urban and matters Wellington, occasionally I take a deep dive and end up in the Waitemata. On this occasion a new boat has been launched, on which much of New Zealand’s pride has been locked up in. On TeamNZ winning the America’s Cup last time (we’ve won and lost so […]

KiwiBuild reset


The KiwiBuild “reset” has been as well anticipated as the Mueller Report – and now that the details are unveiled, its lack of any substantive detail is just as disappointing. That’s probably a clever move by Minister Megan Woods, as without any targets, she won’t be held to task if KiwiBuild creates just five houses, […]

More on Monark


Interesting development here following on from the discussion on various new apartment buildings: an un-named source has sent the Eye of the Fish a set of plans of the Monark development on Adelaide Road in Wellington. Things are not quite the same as what I had thought – there is not a courtyard on the […]

New Apartment buildings


The Fish has been casting a glassy fish Eye over some of the recently proposed new apartment buildings in Wellington, and likes what it sees. We haven’t reviewed new apartment buildings for a while now – to be frank, I thought they were on their way out due to insurance issues – but there have […]

New Sponsor for Stadium


Wouldn’t this be nice? With all credit to Winston Aldworth, over on Scoop. Lovely suggestion.

Council Elections


More and more people have come out of the woodwork at the last moment, and Scoop has a full list of candidates for Wellington. Here are some who are angling for the top job: Norbert Hausberg Don Newt McDonaldJenny CondieJustin LesterConor HillDiane CalvertAndy Foster Andrew Cox Ajay Rathod I’m not sure why, but my first […]

New National Archives


At long last – a bit of good news around a project that is not just about a strengthening of an existing building, but instead is actually a whole new building. It is early days yet, but it looks as though the dark cloud that destroyed the Defence Force HQ in Thorndon is finally lifting […]

Council voting


Voting season has opened – for candidates to put themselves forward – and in September, we (the populace) get to vote. We will have a choice of candidates for both City Council and Regional Council: but how do we get the candidates we need on the playbill in the first place? Intelligent candidates, not just […]