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New Sponsor for Stadium

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Wouldn’t this be nice? With all credit to Winston Aldworth, over on Scoop. Lovely suggestion.

Council Elections


More and more people have come out of the woodwork at the last moment, and Scoop has a full list of candidates for Wellington. Here are some who are angling for the top job: Norbert HausbergDon Newt McDonaldJenny CondieJustin LesterConor HillDiane CalvertAndy FosterAndrew CoxAjay Rathod I’m not sure why, but my first thought was to […]

New National Archives


At long last – a bit of good news around a project that is not just about a strengthening of an existing building, but instead is actually a whole new building. It is early days yet, but it looks as though the dark cloud that destroyed the Defence Force HQ in Thorndon is finally lifting […]

Council voting


Voting season has opened – for candidates to put themselves forward – and in September, we (the populace) get to vote. We will have a choice of candidates for both City Council and Regional Council: but how do we get the candidates we need on the playbill in the first place? Intelligent candidates, not just […]

Forbidden behaviours


Ten ways to get in trouble in Italy “As Rome and other Italian cities continue their crackdown on “uncouth” behaviour, you might get in trouble if you do any of the following: “Messy eating” or “camping out” on piazzas or the steps of monuments. Singing, while drunk, on public transport. Wrapping your mouth around the […]

Lizarding or cockroaching?


We’ve always been interested in the way people congregate in the human world. Coming as we do, from a Fish background, fish behaviour is easy by comparison – generally, we stick to the School system. All bunch together and move with the rest, or else you get eaten. But it is not that simple for […]

Pause: under attack


Just a wee pause here, for a week or two, for a couple of reasons: A, I’m busy right now and haven’t got a spare brain cell to write anything intelligent (some of you may say that is no change from usual), and: B, we’re under attack from Russian Spambots. No, I’m not being paranoid […]

Public Transport up Taranaki Street


For now at least, we’re all out of cute colourful graphics. Done my dash. Shuffled off this mortal coil as regard the photoshopping route-lines, which were here, and here, and here, and here. But the story is not yet over. Betterbee, the moniker for one of Wellington’s better educated transport gurus, reckons I’ve got it […]

Starting at the Station


Having been looking in depth at the Airport route last week, and having already looked at the Basin area, its time now to return to Base One: the start of any Light Rail / Public Transport route at Wellington Railway Station. A lot of this has been covered off by LGWM in their document dump, […]