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Central Library


There’s been a lot of clamouring over on Scoop from various people all demanding that the Library is reopened forthwith, and that the Council stop mucking about with the secrecy over the Elwood report. The leaked snippets that we, the public, have seen so far include a range of options – for a 90% NBS […]

Farnsworth all at sea


Too good an opportunity not to write about: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s house for Mrs Farnsworth is once again under water, as the Fox River flooded yet again. So: not quite all at sea, as it is a river, but entertaining none-the-less. Seen like this, I think we can honestly say it looks twice […]

Foster Forward


Wellington is hitting the road running, we hope, in an effort to get the economy restarted after our 40 days of sleepy time. We’ve all had a relatively pleasant break time, with lots of pyjamas, long walks amongst nature, increased observation of fantails, a fair bit of zooming in your undies and thankfully, not a […]

To Tourist or Not To Tourist?


Wellington’s lucky in this respect I guess: although we have many tourists (usually), we have a few other strings to our bow, so to speak. We have a University or two, or three, we have a major regional hospital, we have a flourishing port that will probably survive the loss of cruise ships, we have […]



The Eye of the Fish has always been advertisement-free. Maximus started it off that way and the rest of the writers that followed (including Leviathan) have been happy to continue in that vein. To me it is a pain in the arse to have to wade through adverts, either slipped into the text or as […]

Eat, Drink, and Be Takeaway


So, Tuesday morning we start to arise from our self-imposed slumber. The move from level 4 down to level 3 gives us the much-vaunted option of “Level Four plus KFC”, but this does give us a much wider range of nosh than just bits of chicken and gravy. Ironically of course, the “Wellington on a […]

Architecture NZ subscriptions please!


Further to the last Eye of the Fish post about the demise of Urbis et al, there has been movement about securing a more stable future for NZ’s flagship magazine for Architecture. That would be Architecture NZ, in case you are not aware, which is also the official Journal of the NZIA (at least, I […]

RIP Home and Houses and Urbis


I love magazines – those that know me will know that I have quite a few at Fish World Headquarters – so it feels only right that I try to pen an obituary (OK, to keyboard it, stop being so picky), to the fact that our meagre Architectural Press in this country has just died. […]



Getting tired of all this endless Virus talking? So am I. Yes, yes, it is so much better to have the problem of getting bored with waiting for nothing to happen, than to have the problem of everyone dying, but still: time to look forward to something else! What will we do when we are […]