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Genoa’s autostrada sopraelevata

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Amidst the tragedy of the collapsed autostrada in Genoa, and despite the death and destruction beset upon that city, there are still some interesting things to observe from this horror story. I hope it is not too distasteful to write about this while they are still pulling bodies out of the wreckage, but really: does […]




There are several topics we’re keen to explore in the news right now, including that motorway bridge in Genoa, historic buildings in Whanganui, and more on the subject of buses etc in Wellington, but right now there is one pressing subject: what should Greytown do? They’ve had a proposal for a four storey apartment block […]


Matrix goes to Takapu Island


Following on from Sea Monkey’s photos last week of a giant crane amidst a sea of abandoned prefab house parts at the Countdown supermarket near the Tawa off ramp, the Eye of the Fish has been looking a little closer. We went out to site and found to our consternation that the number of houses […]


Rebirth of the Matrix homes?


Our fears of the Matrix homes abandoned at Tawa for an extended period of time do not seem to have become true, for a sharp-eyed regular (the one and only mysterious Sea Monkey) sent in these two pics, of a giant mobile crane moving houses around at Tawa yesterday in the balmy weather. It’s the […]

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Off the buses


It is becoming increasingly clear that the new Wellington bus network is a bit of a disaster. Initially thought to be just teething problems on the introduction week, it is now fairly obvious that the Regional Council have made a massive cock-up of the transport re-plan. Which is a pity, as they have spent the […]


Victoria, move your comma


I really could not care less about the name change proposal from Victoria University, Wellington. Corporate rebranding are foolish things, undertaken by PR firms who may not really have a full understanding of the issues. Telecom changing it’s name to Spark seemed puerile and pathetic at the time, with it only just starting to be […]


End of an Ebert


This is not good. Last week it was Matrix – this week it is Ebert. Before that we had the harrowing of Hawkins, and earlier on we had Fletcher’s famous faceplant. It’s not a nice thing to watch – a construction sector taking a bath. Too early to tell, of course, but is this a […]


Exit the Matrix


Well that’s really not good news at all. Matrix Homes has folded, when it was just meant to be paused for a bit. News last week was that the company was being put into receivership, over a dispute with Camperdown Studios. That’s a company associated with Peter Jackson – “Camperdown Studios uses half of Matrix […]




You’d better hurry if you want to see the film “Skyscraper” as I’m not sure if it will last long on the big screen – I went to see it last night at the Embassy – the Grand’s capacity is about 800 or so – and I was one of about a dozen people who […]