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Armistice Day

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100 years ago today, the “War to End All Wars” was finally over. Amen to that. Beautiful service at the Pukeahu Memorial Park today. Well done team.


North Kumutoto


And so the time comes round again: a new building on the waterfront. As sure as hens lay eggs, no matter what is proposed, the aged geriatrics at Waterfront Watch will be objecting to the proposed new building at Site 9, because – well, just because that’s what they always do. And because they have […]

Dead good

Halloween special


Halloween: All Hallows: The Day of the Dead. What better way to spend the end of October than to celebrate the End of Life? Happy Halloween everybody! Although it seems wrong to my stiff anglo-saxon heritage, to celebrate death, it makes a lot of sense really. Its the most natural thing in the world, and […]


The Prince of Pukeahu Park


I’m a little shocked and saddened by some of our citizen’s sad and psychophantic attitudes to the arrival of Mr and Mrs Sussex, reacting as though they were someone really important, or famous: like the Beatles, or Elvis. Maybe its because I’m not a 14 year old girl, but the screaming sound of the crowd […]




I’m starting this post with a quote from a friend of mine who has just published a chapter in a book: “A great spatial mixing is under way: the suburbs are urbanising, getting fuller and more varied, adding more opportunities to work and remain there, and, where this is most successful, developing greater local character. […]


Press Hall


I’ve never yet been invited to the Property Council Award night, despite my leading position in the Architectural media sphere, and so I wasn’t there the other night when Press Hall was awarded the grand winner prize. That’s a pity, as I would have liked to be there – to have applauded like crazy with […]


Other uses for an ex-BNZ?


So the news that the former BNZ building on Waterloo Quay is coming down is perhaps not really that surprising – it has, after all, been sitting empty, externally unscathed, for the last two years. But is demolition really the best thing for it? There are no doubt many reports floating around the back corridors […]


New office buildings


Buildings as in plural, because, dear friends, there are more than one. Let’s start with the announcement in the weekend paper, of a new office block by Studio Pacific, to replace the former ICI house that got demolished after the Kaikoura earthquakes. There is a link to the Stuff article here, but in a truly […]


We like to: Move It!


Prescient timing from our last post, saying that I Like to Move It, Move It!! – it appears that our beseechment has been heard, and our prayers are due to be answered. Yes, in a DomPost front page report on Saturday, an article appeared that announced: “Fast-track for light rail to fix congestion“. Young cub […]