The Eye of the Fish

Taxi !!


This week saw the start of several licensed e-scooter services, and the footpaths of Wellington have been full of Pink Flamingos zipping back and forth. This week also saw the first death on a scooter in NZ, with an Auckland man dying while scooting his Lime along Fanshawe St. You’d have to be mad or […]

Ugly? Fnugly!


There has been a lot of discussion on the subject of “ugly” buildings recently – it is a subject that seems to excite a lot of people. Over on the DomPost there is an article featuring Councillor Nicola Young talking about how there is the opportunity of getting rid of some “eye-wateringly ugly, and cheap […]

Insurance vs Building


Never an easy choice. One or the other? Why can’t we have both? An ugly secret for the last few years since the Canterbury Quakes, Rob Mitchell of the Dom Post has at last broken open on a story that we’ve all known for some time but that may still be news to the general […]

Marae fire


Sad news this weekend that the Tapu te Ranga marae has burned to the ground. Sounds like the blaze burned so strongly that everyone on the south coast would have seen and smelled the conflagration. Just about every fire appliance and fire fighter was there, trying to save the structure, but to no avail. The […]

Residential and EarthQuake Prone?

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If this sounds like you, then go along to the School of Architecture tonight, for a meeting organised by Inner City Wellington. The collaborative lobby group for owners of residential units in EQPBs, (Inner City Wellington, Body Corporate Chairs’ Group and individual owners), invites owners to this important and urgent meeting. Tonight, 6 June, 6-8pm. […]

Trackless Trams are a waste of money


Of late, you may have heard murmerings about whether Wellington should have “Trackless Trams” or “Light Rail”. This is a complex subject and certainly one in which none of us – none at all – are qualified to talk about, let alone make a decision on. Luckily, this is not a decision which needs to […]

Basin Resolution from the Eye of the Fish


For over four years now the capital city of New Zealand has been waiting for the so-called group of experts to give us an answer on the future of public transport. LGWM have been conspicuous by their absence in providing any form of detail, at any part of the system. Yes, there is obvious bickering […]

What IS a Library?


Wellington currently does not have a Library – the one it did have is closed for an indefinite period of time. What we apparently do have in its place is a number of small regional outlets and something pretending to be a mini-library opening in Manners St. But we no longer have a proper library. […]

Bunnings flat pack


Aside from the Aussie Election, LGWM and Game of Thrones (still yet to see a single episode, ever), the only thing people were talking about yesterday was: Bunnings Flat Pack houses. Here’s a chance for you to look at them yourselves, designed by “Clever Living Co”. Let’s be honest – these are not brilliant pieces […]