The Eye of the Fish

Clarification on waterfront leases


Councilor Andy Foster writes to the Fish, with some clarification over costs and leases on the waterfront. Published here in the full, with the aim of correcting misinformation, by the Eye of the Fish: “I wanted to address the apparently emerging urban myth that Council and the Waterfront Company give away land – apparently to [...]


Easter bunny


The smallest car I’ve ever seen, since my Matchbox days at least, lead to this little micro-mini number appearing in Wellington the other day. You can read all about it here. Question is, is the Tango just too small to – well, tango? It’s a two seater, i think, with one passenger behind the other, [...]


Tight squeeze


While you lot were all tucked up in bed last night, having spent the evening watching a blood red moon eclipse, the Fish was out and about, wondering at the sight of a massive pole being squeezed through tiny openings, and bent around corners. At a diameter of 4.5m, and sitting on the coolest piece [...]


Kumutoto views


So it seems as though the WCC have decided to give permission to go ahead, to the developer of the project at Kumutoto. Seems like only last week they were having a hearing – and so it seems a little early to have made a decision – given the normal glacial rate of progress on [...]


Trenching Vivian


I’ve been thinking about a comment I made, that Lindsay Shelton picked up over on Scoop, where he was talking about what “one of Wellington’s leading bloggers“ had said. Ahem. I had noted that “I think we need to start exploring the concept for a trench at least in parts along Vivian St, as 3 [...]

Toomath, Cheshire, Home of the Year, and Kiwi Dundee


What do Bill Toomath, Nat Cheshire, Pip Cheshire, Home of the Year, and Kiwi “Crocodile / Savage Sheep” Dundee have in common? Well, not a lot – so this post is short. In memory of Bill Toomath, the John Hiles film “Antonello and the Architect is playing TODAY at 4.00pm at the Paramount, all welcome, [...]


A exclusive


News reports this morning that “A”, the Russian phosphate and gas tycoon Andrey Melnichenko’s futuristic white “yacht” has sunk, are believed by some to be a smokescreen for a far greater secret. Agents working worldwide for the global Eye of the Fish news network, can safely reveal that the Philippe Starck designed vessel that has [...]


Donald’s deathly dullness


Oriental Bay is one of those rare Wellington locations with both northerly sunshine and views, and as such is heavily sought after by those with money to burn. Unfortunately, those keen to burn vast amounts of their funds on high cost glitzy real estate seldom also possess much taste. While earlier buildings on this southern [...]


Off your trolley


There’s a sort of grim inevitability in the news today that GWRC plans to kill off the trolley buses in Wellington. Following on from the tedious decision that the answer to Wellington’s Public Transport spine is bigger, faster buses in their own dedicated lanes, the logical thing to do would be to find out what [...]