The Eye of the Fish


He Tohu


Nau mai. Te Tiriti o Waitangi has been welcomed into its new home, a specially-designed whare at the National Library, along with two other founding documents of Aotearoa. It sits alongside He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni – the Declaration of Independence of the United Tribes of New Zealand, and the 32,000 signature […]


Wellington 2017 NZIA Awards


One of the more enjoyable nights of the year for us architects is the Awards night, held in Te Papa last night. I thought the awards jury did a really good job this year and picked a smaller, but tighter bunch of projects for awards. There was a few awards for teams at the top […]


Mount Victoria


As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing less blogging lately, partly so that I can get more work done, and partly so that I can get more reading done too. I’m catching up on a few books I had bought but not yet read. One of these is Peter Beaven’s book about his own […]


Anvil House


My current favourite building. Old, definitely decrepit, but there is something about this building that I just really like. Is it the proportion? The colour? The fact the paint is peeling off? Or just the two iconic, muscular, male figures doing hard work over a stark white anvil? I can only presume that this was […]


We need to speak about Shelly


For years sitting as an empty hole on the eastern shores of the harbour, an eyesore, a broken tooth, a derelict blot on the landscape left behind by the departing Defense department – we Wellingtonians had joy in our hearts and hope in our chests when, just over a year ago, the derelict blot of […]

Courtenay Deathzone

We need to speak about Courtenay


For years sitting as an empty hole in Courtenay Place, an eyesore, a broken tooth, a scab upon the sullen carcass of downtown retailing – we Wellingtonians had joy in our hearts and hope in our chests when, 16 years ago, the hole was at last infilled with a lightweight facade and a large name […]


Strengthening in action


Bit of a rush post, because you only have one day to view this – Rostrevor House, the greenish building on the corner of Marion Street and Vivian Street, is having giant strengthening frames installed today. It’s pretty exciting stuff. The frames (made by Fitzroy Engineering in New Plymouth) have travelled down at night and […]


Tory Street opportunities


Tory Street has been closed off since the big Kaikoura quake sequence last year, and has only just reopened to traffic and to the public. The old 9-storey car parking building, built in the era of Chase Corp, and destined to be the car parking answer to a 30 storey office and hotel tower (on […]


Island Bay Cycleway to be replaced by angle parking for 4WD vehicles


At long last, it seems that a resolution has been reached on the Island Bay Cycleway. The Working Party, a coalition of local residents, local businesses, and Council representatives, lead by Labour deputy Mayor and local Councillor Paul Eagle, has come up with a plan to finalise and resolve the somewhat controversial Island Bay Cycleway […]