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Regional councillors and Health Boards


Dull headline but vitally important topic, that is getting next to no media attention. What do you know about people standing for the Wellington Regional Council, and even more importantly: what do you know about the people standing for the Capiti and Coast District Health Board? I confess, in the words of the immortal Corporal [...]


London’s burning

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While you’ve been sleeping, London has been burning down. Yes, to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, on 4th September 1666, the City of London have been doing a whole series of events around the Great Fire, and on their Sunday night – our Monday morning – they’re going to burn [...]


Balancing Bungy


Making news today is a proposal by Architecture Workshop for a giant platform suspended out over the harbour, thus: It is audacious, to say the least, and probably stronger words are necessary: amazing, visionary, and stark raving bonkers also spring to mind. Chris Kelly, the resident auteur of Architecture Workshop, is one of Wellington’s finest [...]


Four way stop


At Eye of the Fish, we feature the big issues concerning Wellington. Like the Film Museum, the Basin Bridge, and ummm, others. We leave other mildly successful blogs like Transport Blog to discuss things like Auckland’s Unitary Plan, or their city’s woeful transport problems involving $2 billion worth of rail tunnels, while we discuss the [...]


Movie Museum


Well that’s a welcome wakeup call – options for a blinging new face for the proposed movie museum and conference centre in Wellington. Talk about Bling bling! And unlike yesterdays post on Erskine, today at least the architects are named, so we know it is by Studio Pacific Architecture, and that tells us that the [...]




There is something about Erskine College that gets everyone going. It’s gothic, it’s iconic, and it certainly looks haunted, but the architecture and the site stir everyone’s imagination. PJ used it for one of his first big films The Frighteners, and for years it was the home of the Learning Connexxion where you could go [...]


Wellington mayoralty


With Celia Wade-Brown stepping out of the race this morning (announcement to be was made at 10.30am), the race is, at last, wide open. With the exception of rank outsider Keith Johnson (and he is pretty rank – never met such a grumpy old bugger in my life): the candidates so far yelling and screaming [...]


Death to all Weasels


This should be big news today – although, curiously, it is not showing up as front page news yet on the main media websites. Did you know that yesterday, Key, Joyce, and Barry all stood in Zealandia and declared that they were working for New Zealand to become 100% predator-free by 2050 ? The Nats, [...]


The New Zealand Home


This program crept up out of the blue and whacked me round the face like a groper on steroids. I had no idea it was coming, let alone that it was even in production, or that it was about to go to air last week. I mean, they didn’t even have the courtesy to ask [...]