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It was a cold, wet day in September, and the clocks were striking thirteen. A freezing, damp front spread through the country, blanketing the land with wave after wave of wind-chilled moisture, soaking into the ground where soil remained uncovered by asphalt. It soaked too into the clothing of those that ventured out, wool-blends steaming [...]


Spy vs Spy


Is anyone actually surprised to hear (via Snowden, Greenwald, Dotcom et al) that NZ has its metadata spied on by the USA? I’m certainly not. The US relishes it’s position as a superpower, and it didn’t get to be a superpower by handing out cupcakes. It knows what is happening in the world because it [...]

Election 2014


There’s an election coming up, and while lots of people are talking about Housing, hardly anyone is talking about architecture, or the built environment. The trickle-down economics of a $5 tax cut per week in 3 years time seem so banal to me that they are being rightly ignored by the media. Instead, we are [...]


SHA – Central


OK – so today we have a look at the remaining sections of the Special Housing Accord areas, based in and around the central part of Wellington. There are, it appears, three remaining areas : the first, and biggest of these, is Te Aro. Te Aro is, to be perfectly honest, the growing residential heart [...]


SHA – Kilbirnie


As noted yesterday, there is also to be a SHA for Kilbirnie. Here it is: Now, can anybody tell me why that is the shape it is? Aren’t those the Council flats (top right)? And what is with the big area near the bus barns at the bottom? I’m really at a loss as to [...]




We have an Accord. No, not one of those big Hondas, that glide smoothly along the tarmac with the stealth of a ninja, but we – the Royal We – Wellington) have a Housing Accord, signed between the Government and the Council. They’re promising to play nicely together in the sandpit – Mayor Wade Brown [...]


Arras underpass


The Governor-General, the PM and some other minor celebs had a wee jaunt through the new Arras tunnel the other day, only to discover a bunch of strange growths on the walls. Big, red, and very discular. Looks quite nice though… A friend of a friend sent through these photos later, which shows things off [...]




Here at Eye of the Fish, we have written about cars before. We have written about trains before. We have written, in fact, about all sorts of transport before. We have even written about buildings before. But the one mode of transport that we have never really set sail on before, is the humble bicycle. [...]


Lux deluxe


Hooray for us! Wellington was indeed blessed last night, as the first evening of the Lux festival took off. The weather behaved itself (dark, no wind, and nearly completely rain free), the crowds of people roaming the waterfront and lane way enjoyed themselves, and the luminous artworks were superb. As they should be – Wellingtonians [...]