The Eye of the Fish

The sun also rises


Last night was a super moon, the largest for the year – and a worm moon, apparently, according to the Guardian. A symbol of starting anew, planting for the new season in the northern hemisphere. Here, of course, it heralds Autumn, and leaves falling off trees. Here it is with the tower of Antenna Hungaria […]

Insurance means the Death of the Apartment building


Awkward and uneasy news this morning from giant insurance company IAG – or was it AIG ? that they may not be going to issue any more insurance for the Residential market in Wellington, due to the perceived risk. That’s…. not welcome news. Possibly, even, it is the sound of the death bell tolling for […]


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A couple of years on from the horrific Grenfell fire, the British authorities are still trawling through the ashes (so to speak) to find out what went wrong and what they should be doing to make it right. Other countries appear to be acting just as fast – or even faster. We asked at the […]



It is sad, but not entirely unpredictable that Arrow has gone into receivership. Voluntary administration. The death rattle from a mortally wounded corporation, the sounds at the end of the week of this construction company being shot down were, apparently, not news to anyone actually working in the company, and it was more a question […]



Hold on a second – NewsFlash coming through. “Government declares that 120mm thickness is the minimum thickness of insulation required in all rental properties.” Now – I’m a supporter of better rental standards, and better health outcomes for renters, and better Building Code requirements, but this is a bit of a tricky one. Our Building […]

Travel by Train


As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Yes, busy at work and that sort of thing, but I have also managed to have a wee bit of quiet time too. I’ve been travelling around, and for once, not in the drivers seat. Yes indeedy, I am the Passenger. And I ride […]

insitu conference 2019


I’m up in the Queen City for the NZIA Conference, that biannual talkfest where Architects shall talk unto other Architects, and purveyors of fine Aluminium window products shall discuss your project over a glass of sponsored wine. M&Ms shall flow freely from the Resene Paint stall, as long as you shall verily promise to use […]

Let’s Get Wellington Funded


A recent article in Wellington SCOOP refers to LGWM as if it is a done deal. “Hold on” I exclaimed inside my head, as I sat gripping my laptop in my wet sandy hands “when did this happen?” – followed swiftly afterwards by a thought “Have I slept for a hundred years? Has something happened […]

How to “Mate” your building


I’m a trifle perplexed. I was reading a pleasant, non-confrontational book of inspiring words from Inspiring architects “The Architect Says” the other day, and came across this quote. Whatever can it mean? At first glance, all seems innocuous. A closer look though, gets me thinking – is that a typo? Surely not. Princeton Press and […]