The Eye of the Fish

Lockdown: Tai Ho


So: we’re in lock down – or as I prefer to think of it, the big Tai Ho. Staying home, staying put, being stuck in one place. Find your bubble, stay in your bubble, don’t burst my bubble. Shouldn’t be that difficult really. I’m not really sure why people are getting overly excited by this […]

Time to think anew


While we are all shut down in our homes, there is lots of time to think. In my case, thinking alone – no TV, no relatives, no pets, no people at all – nothing but a pad of paper and a computer. Well, and 2 weeks supply of food. So, thinking out loud now: Let’s […]

Everything changes


one small virus – one large effect world wide. Is anywhere free of Covid19? Perhaps the scientists on Antarctica? Bhutan? North Korea? This is spreading like the plague – only much faster. They’re almost at the Monty Python stage in Italy of “Bring out your dead”. Yes, I know that is in incredibly poor taste […]

Aurecon Future for Wellington


At long last, some progress on the travel front. LGWM have made a decision – that it is time to appoint a team of consultants who will actually undertake work to help LGWM make a decision. I’m not 100% sure that actually is progress – I thought that they were doing all that already – […]

International Women’s Day


Today, Sunday, is International Women’s Day and so I thought that I would celebrate with my favourite woman architect. Who might that be? Some of you who know me may guess who that may be – after all, she is my alter-ego – but perhaps we first celebrate with a few other great women architects […]

New Porirua station


It’s good to see some major new development being proposed for Porirua. The Whitby Newsbrief reports that a major new development is being proposed for the railway station in Porirua – heaven only knows that something good really deserves to happen here. The article at the Whitby Newsbrief gives a lot of information about the […]

My Corona


(Sing along to the Knack, you know you want to… All together now!) Ooo my little prickly one, prickly oneare you gonna get me this time Coronaohh you make my noses run, my noses run,gunge it coming off of the line Corona Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty timeAlways gets to me, […]



Walking into the Embassy, I didn’t know what to expect. It was opening night, before all the Oscars hype, but there was a buzz in the air – literally an audible hum. Clearly others had heard something, but if so, they were keeping schtumm – first night at the movies but packed to the rafters […]

Holden’ on, Holden gone


I’m not sure how I feel about Holden leaving a sinking ship – with their announcement that they are leaving their brand behind. Its probably been a foregone conclusion since they stopped production of the Commodore back in 2017 – along with Ford stopping production of their big Falcons in Australia as well. I remember […]