The Eye of the Fish

Our hopes for the 2020s


I’ve not done this before: I’m not a needy kind of Fish – but following on from the last post, where readers were proposing their hopes for the decade ahead, I thought that the Eye of the Fish should also do the same. So here goes. What have I got to say? Read on… Rapid […]

Previewing the Next decade


So here’s to the 2020s: the years ahead. What do you want to happen? What do you think will happen? Once again, in a cheeky form of reverence, I’m going to use the Greater Auckland blog as a template for what we are doing here in Wellington – so the headlines all refer to AKL […]

Reviewing the Decade


As we round out not only the year but also the decade, I’ve also decided to join the ranks of other end of decade reviews. What have we accomplished in Wellington and how are we doing overall? Following the lead of the Greater Auckland blog (former Transport Blog), I’ll divide this post into sections on […]



It’s Christmas time – it must be mid-summer as the pohutukawa are flowering, the storms are raging, and the norwester winds are blowing a (severe) gale. We need some good news and some bright and happy images of a successful architectural outcome. So, as a Christmas Special, here’s some pics of a partially finished Erskine […]

111 Dixon


As a public service announcement, can anyone answer this query? “Could someone find out whats happening with the ill-fated 111 Dixon Apartments? “Apparently they still cannot get consent, FENZ is not happy with the fire-warning system, “Council still not happy with the stell, (? – steel?) “buyers are attempting to run for the hills, “furniture […]



Released just in time for Christmas, a new building for Wellington has hit the news – a Newcrest development that will take star position on the Waterfront. Situated on the long fought for site where there is currently a petrol station (for many years the most successful Shell station in Wellington, more lately a Z […]

Deadly dull housing


Following on from the entertaining architecture of Queenstown, where the residential architecture is rigorously controlled and ruthlessly rectilinear, and the commercial architecture is uniformly confused and bizarrely ugly in most respects, I thought I would head to somewhere where the opposite is apparent. In Napier, by comparison, the commercial architecture of the town is uniquely […]



The Eye of the Fish was recently spending some time down in Te Wai Pounamu, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Along with several hundred other architects who jetted in to Queenstown for the NZIA New Zealand Architectural Awards, those of us that actually got there were pretty much a captive audience – bad weather […]

Crocodile bikes and peeps


If you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s trip to NZ yet, then click here and watch it – its great! And spends time in my favourite local bar – without giving away where it is! Excellent! But there is also a wonderful sequence where they pass a woman, keen on walking, while Stephen and a couple […]