The Eye of the Fish


Milan Mrkusich (1925-2018) Chromatic Investigator

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Today – a guest post from regular reader and commenter, Starkive, on one of New Zealand’s best modern artists: Not strictly a Wellington figure, but surely a nationally important one in painting, design and architecture, Milan Mrkusich, has died at 93. Along with the likes of McCahon, Angus and Wollaston (although never really part of […]


School gates: solution

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“School gates chaos in Wellington forces council to develop plan to get kids out of cars” says the Dom Post today (sorry – says te Upoko o te Ika today). Well, you know what the answers to that are, don’t you? We’ve been through this a hundred times before. Step One, implement BBREO, the solution […]


Mack twice


I just about wept when I heard about the first fire at the Mackintosh School of Art in 2014. I’m not at all amused that they have just suffered a second fire, only months before the building was due to be handed over, post-restoration. To lose your building once is a tragedy, to lose it […]


Te Kanohi o Te Ika

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It’s good to see the Dom Post rebranding itself today as Te Upoko o te Ika – ie the Head of the Fish !! Great move towards Te Reo Māori – but while they may indeed be a fish head, a fish is blind without its eyes. And we, my little fishy friends, are the […]




The ghost of Grenfell has come back to visit us, with the announcement of 18 buildings in Wellington with possible flammable cladding. Similarly, in Auckland, they have announced at the same time that they also have a list of buildings with ACP cladding, including 116 with the same type of core that Grenfell had. Precinct […]


Ministry of Housing


One of the sad and weird things happening in New Zild under the previous National government, was a complete denial of any form of “housing crisis”, when fairly clearly things were getting completely out of control. Their governmental response was “hands-off” to the point of idiocy – they didn’t even have a Minister of Housing. […]


Timber thingee


This has appeared. More on it soon – but for now, just some photos. Your thoughts?


Republic revolution


It was hard to ignore all the hype, but I managed. I went away for the weekend to a remote hut in the bush, with no electricity or internet or tv, just a fireplace and a transistor radio, which I turned off when the Royal Wedding started. I’m clearly not one of these sad pathetic […]


New State (houses)


We’re now six months into the Adern-led government, and this is the first real stab that Labour et al have had at solving the Housing Crisis. I’m keen to explore what the details of this budget mean to us, i.e. to the architecture, building, housing community. Disappointed that so far the main stream media haven’t […]