The Eye of the Fish


Extended Tea-break


Seeing as our wonderful government has overhauled legislation to allow workers to renegotiate their tea-breaks, I took the opportunity to renegotiate mine. I’m now on an indefinite tea-break, or at least until the end of this fine weather. Too nice to be stuck indoors ! I’ll just be out for a walk. I may be [...]


Chris Moller’s Grand Designs


So at last the secret is out – Aotearoa is indeed to get its own version of Grand Designs, and now it has been made public that Christopher Moller is to be the presenter. Well done Chris – and to the company making the programme. It will be a hard road living up to the [...]


More pigeons

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I swear, these things are breeding. A whole family has appeared overnight. Luckily the weather has taken its toll on them already, and one of the blighters is on its way to pigeon-pie land.




The demolition of the Portico in Civic Square is about to start soon, apparently. Is anyone going to miss it? Soon after it was first proposed to be demolished a year or so ago, a friend of mine (a prominent architect in town) received a phone call from someone who felt it was an outrage [...]


Santa’s little finger


A rare post this morning on an old friend of mine – the giant Santa statue in Auckland. Sadly, after a million years of him being tied to a central Auckland building (see: urban related discussion) the cold-hearted people of Auckland have decided that they no longer want a Santa in their midst. Standing about [...]


Rising Damp


Front page article on the DomPost the other day was an article about a boy needing a haircut at school. Truly world-shattering news. Almost as important as the case a few weeks back, of the cat that slept in two different beds. Wow. Nothing is more important in the world than knowing if kitty prefers [...]




I know that Wellington has a pigeon problem, but it does seem to have grown all out of proportion…. seen here near Prefab cafe. Does anyone have advice on how to kill / dissuade pigeons ? Even if they are smaller than this one….? Post-script: far from flying away completely, following its disappearance from Prefab, [...]

Is Bill English as stupid as Jonny English?


It’s a pity that JohnKey has already completed his cabinet reshuffle, as he seems to have missed a prime candidate for dropping due to idiocy. No, not Hekia Parata (well, yes, she seems to have been overlooked as well) but Jonny Bill English. It’s hard to believe that this man was once put forward as [...]


Cecile Bonnifait and the women of Architecture


The news over the weekend of the lauding of Fearon and Hay at the World Architecture Festival is pretty big news indeed – the hot duo winning two major awards, and major brownie points amongst their flotilla of wealthy clients. Fantastic work guys, thoroughly well deserved, and hopefully more on that later. Eye of the [...]