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New ferry terminal

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This story has me intrigued. Here we are in the middle of the silly season, when the proper journalists have gone on summer holiday and all that is operating the presses is the janitor locked in the bathroom cupboard, and the DomPost comes out with a cracker of a front page article like this. This […]


Going up and coming down


Welcome to 2018 and welcome back to the Eye of the Fish, the uniquely Wellington look at architecture and urban matters in and around our glorious and perfectly formed small city – the self-proclaimed Coolest Small Capital in the World. The holiday season is now half over, and while you have been at the beach […]


Merry Christmas

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Hope you have a great relaxing time at Christmas and that back-to-work time is a long way away. Enjoy the break.


Rebel forces


It’s that time of the year – the time of Yuletide greetings, chocolate melting on an open fire, sleigh bells tinkling in the long burnt grass, and of course, the perennial favourite, the one true portender of Christmas: a Star Wars movie. I have, of course, been going to see Star Wars films since the […]


The Magic Roundabout


Here we go again! Just when you thought it was safe to assume “no more roads”, along comes a proposal… …to Get Welly Moving. If you want to know all about it, I suggest you go to the official LGWM website, where they can show you lots of stuff, but I thought I might copy […]


Down South


While this blog site is aimed at matters urban and matters Wellingtonian, there arises an occasional foray into waters further south – and this is one such case. Wellington is, as we all know, home to one of the finest waterfronts in the world, and is certainly the creme de la creme of waterfronts in […]




Sometimes it feels like that we are at the end of the earth, away from all the troubles of the northern hemisphere – and to a large extent we are. Modern media means that we hear about these issues instantly, but in reality, most events there do not directly concern us. Indirectly, we feel it […]


When architects go Rogue – allegedly!


Uh-oh! Were architects once one of the most-trusted professions on the planet? Certainly way more trustable and capable than Estate Agents or Journalists, and way way above Politicians and Used Car Salesmen, there used to be an aura of invincibility amongst architects. Cool, calm and collected, aloof from the commonplace skulduggery and the boring day-to-day […]


Blade Runner 2049


Thirty years is a long time to think about a sequel. Many sequels try to equal the original, most sequels fail, miserably. If Blade Runner was such a gloriously influential cult film, how do you top it with a sequel of any sort? But as you probably know by now, Blade Runner 2049 is not […]