The Eye of the Fish


Honouring the social contract: Wellington setting example for fresh water management

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Did Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, or Jean-Jacques Rousseau have in mind the water infrastructure of Wellington (a city which didn’t exist yet) when they drafted their theories on social contract? We cannot say. Nevertheless, water management is certainly bringing social contract into play in New Zealand, at both a national and urban level: public outcry […]


Lada Hrsak on looking at the world through the Eye of the Fish

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Sometimes an event comes along that you just feel that you HAVE to bring to the attention of others. This is one. On Wednesday March 22, at 6.00pm at the School of Architecture, the principal of Studio LADA (Landscape, Architecture, Design, Art) will present a public talk. Lada Hrsak (ex-Zagreb and now based in Amsterdam), […]


Getting a Move on


Let’s Get Welly Moving is the regional agency based collaboration, tasked to sort out Wellington’s transport woes. It follows on from the debacle over the failed Basin Bridge proposal, when NZTA decided we would have a “choice” of Flyover A or Flyover B, and both WCC and GWRC sat on their hands and pretended that […]


Gone Baby Gone


At some stage, reality is going to have to sink in, to whoever runs these signs around the city: Reading Car Park is Gone Baby GONE, the love has gone away. Unloved, unmourned, uncaring passing, the car park that no one wanted, built by profit chasers for a tower that never came, the building that […]


XX: CQ: 1


There’s a new building in town, going up on the waterfront, and I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now. The 20 Customhouse Quay project (code named XXCQ) is already proving to be the most interesting building in Wellington, and technologically, perhaps the most advanced structural solution for a high rise in the whole country. […]


Defenseless building


So – the worst kept secret in Wellington is out at last – Defence Force’s HQ, Freyberg House, is to be demolished. It’s perhaps no great surprise to those in the industry, who have heard the rumours before now, but it is sure to be a bit of a shock to many Wellingtonians. There is, […]


Streets with some names


WELLINGTON STREETS ON THE LIST Adelaide Rd, Berhampore/Mt Cook/Newtown Bond St, Wellington Central Courtenay Pl, Te Aro Coutts St, Kilbirnie Cuba St, Te Aro Dixon St, Te Aro Dundas St, Seatoun Egmont St, Te Aro Eva St, Te Aro Ganges Rd, Khandallah Ghuznee St, Te Aro Hobart St, Miramar Holland St, Te Aro Hutt Rd, […]


New Wellington housing


Good news today – at least I think its good news. WCC is to build 750 more houses, in order to help relieve the incredibly tight housing market we have here. It’s got ALL the buzz words we want to hear: New, Affordable, Social, Warm, Dry, Housing, funded from a ring-fenced fund which won’t cost […]




It’s back ! I thought it had gone away for good. But yesterday, and today… just wonderful summer daze. What a pity we are all back inside. This guy, on the other hand, knows how to enjoy summer. Respect! The classy thing here, of course, is the diving platform. When faced with people diving into […]