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insitu conference 2019


I’m up in the Queen City for the NZIA Conference, that biannual talkfest where Architects shall talk unto other Architects, and purveyors of fine Aluminium window products shall discuss your project over a glass of sponsored wine. M&Ms shall flow freely from the Resene Paint stall, as long as you shall verily promise to use […]


Let’s Get Wellington Funded


A recent article in Wellington SCOOP refers to LGWM as if it is a done deal. “Hold on” I exclaimed inside my head, as I sat gripping my laptop in my wet sandy hands “when did this happen?” – followed swiftly afterwards by a thought “Have I slept for a hundred years? Has something happened […]


How to “Mate” your building


I’m a trifle perplexed. I was reading a pleasant, non-confrontational book of inspiring words from Inspiring architects “The Architect Says” the other day, and came across this quote. Whatever can it mean? At first glance, all seems innocuous. A closer look though, gets me thinking – is that a typo? Surely not. Princeton Press and […]


Who runs KiwiBuild?


Who runs KiwiBuild? A rhetorical question, I know, as currently it seems as if nobody does, but the debacle that is Labour’s housing policy has me intrigued morning, noon, and night. Some questions, I’d love to hear the answer to: • How can a policy that is – at the heart of it – so […]


Rail ferries


The waterfront is a never-ending source of news for the Eye of the Fish. Buildings coming and going, going up and going down, positions for the Ferry Terminal over there, or way back here (waves hands in the air unconvincingly), but today: a good news story. InterIslander’s three existing ferries are due to be replaced, […]


Heritage areas and new hotels


The following story appeared in the paper last week, and I’ve been thinking about the dilemma it poses. An existing site on the edge of a heritage area – empty, following the demolition of an older building. Napier is one of my favourite towns, with a hard-fought-for Heritage area, encompassing the Art Deco and Spanish […]


Reading too much into it?


Welcome back. The Fish is still alive. Fresh from a festive season, but driven from the water by inclement weather, there is only one thing for it: back to the blog. Two things in particular, involving buildings: one in Australia, one in Wellington. Does anything strike you as odd about these two? But first, a […]


Merry Christmas 2018


Every year, it gets to around this time, and I think: that’s it, it’s all over for me. No more Eye of the Fish – no more writing, no more blogging, no more to say. Maybe that is the true “Christmas spirit” down under – no more work, just relax by the beach. I’m packing […]


Arena for sure?!


I’m not sure if this real news yet or not – as Freddie sang, “is this real life, or is this just fantasy?” – but the DomPost is reporting that a large, indoor Arena, the size almost of the Spark Arena in Auckland, is to be built on the foreshore in Wellington. The report says […]