The Eye of the Fish

150 years old


One hundred and fifty. Gosh, suddenly I feel young again, at least by comparison. I’m posting this in all of a hurry because I only just found out that it is Wellington’s 150th birthday party THIS weekend, and there are going to be all sorts of events going on – and going OFF !!! Including, [...]


Using Architecture to sell cars


I’m not entirely sure that I understand what the common thing is here, but I like the end effect. First up is an advert for Mercedes, one of the anonymous corporate silver sleek penis that roams our streets, filled with fat anonymous corporate suit-wearing middle-aged males. Probably also wearing an expensive watch. For reasons that [...]


University to demolish apartments?


There was an article in the paper the other day, how Victoria University had bought, and was going to demolish, the “Gordon Wilson flats”. Apparently they are structurally unsound and so deserve demolition. If removed, “It is envisaged that the site would be Victoria’s front door to the city and provide a safe and attractive [...]


More on Customhouse Quay


One of the architects at Studio Pacific Architecture has helpfully sent in some images of the building to be built at 20 Customhouse Quay – many thanks Marc. He notes: “Good to have caught your watchful eye on the 17th June with your post regarding the redevelopment of the BP House site on Customhouse Quay. [...]

strava Desire

An alternative cycle route


Seeing as the WCC and the NZTA seem to want us (the public) to be discussing possible alternatives and pros / cons of the Cycling Masterplan, I thought that I might, as a starter for 10, offer up a little alternative. To me, the info provided by Strava is insightful, especially concerning where cyclists ARE [...]


Government does something right, at last


The government took a (in my humble opinion) well overdue leap last night, and announced some decent funding for urban cycleways. Wellington, having at last got its act together, was included. More on this later, but for now, here is the official announcement: “In 2014, the Prime Minister announced $100 million additional funding for the [...]


Wellington office building


I’m very excited to see that work is really going ahead on the replacement for BP House in Wellington. As a city, we’ve been a little quiet for the last few years – the Dom’s reporter got it a little wrong when he said no new building had been built for the last ten years [...]

bad render

Infill housing


The announcement last week of Ian Cassells’ latest infill housing scheme is an interesting development. Cassells has talked about his City Blox idea before, with a demo unit parked at Shelly Bay, and proposed them for Christchurch. But this time they are coming to the St James. Mixed reactions ensued. Cassells is one of the [...]

The Fish, the whole Fish, and nothing but the Fish

Architectural Criticism – the Eye of the Fish needs new blood


If we lived in a perfect country, with perfect weather and perfect people, in a perfect economy governed by a perfect society, then there’s no doubt in my mind that we would also have a chance at some perfect buildings. But we don’t. We do not live in a perfect climate – it rains, it [...]