Massive front page news on the Dompost today, that the Watermark project has stalled / stopped / been reborn as a new project. All in the one day. Someone has been busy.


“Mr Stott believed the changes were relatively minor and hoped Wellington City Council would approve the variations. Subject to council approval, he hoped to begin marketing the apartments again later this year. He said the development would look much the same, except that a section that was to have been built over the Chambers Building had been scrapped. The revised plan also ditches 90 car parks.”

So, the carparks (presumably those below ground) have been removed – no great surprise there – in that part of the city, next to the sea, that must have been one of the more unsustainable parts of the project. The apartments are also to be simplified, office floors inserted in somewhere (in place of some of the apartments?), and a ’boutique hotel’ removed. While the article notes that part above the Chambers Building has been scrapped, the few images of the development show little built above the Chambers anyway (the pointy bit that remains on site after the earlier demolition), so presumably not a great saving there. The Duxton will no doubt be relishing the chance to stick their Resource Consent oar in again, and possibly get the whole case re-examined once more.

While this has to be one of the more un-shocking items of news in recent times, being rather obvious to all who live and work in Wellington that the massive signs proclaiming “We’re bucking the trend” and “A life above the ordinary” were all massively – how shall we put it – “over-optimistic“, there’s still an element of schadenfreude in this announcement. Was Wellington really keen on such blatant displays of wealth as was being promoted here? At the Fish, we’re keen to see what your views are on this ‘news’.

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