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Whither to, waiwhetu… While we’re waiting with willing Waitangi welcome, windy Wellington’s waka wends wetly with Waiwhetu, where wrangles wearily wear worrisomely. What will we watch? Worry while we work! Yes indeed, the much awaited day dawns, and the whare waka will be named at a dawn ceremony on Waitangi day – this coming Sunday. The building has had financial input from the Tenths Trust (local…

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The WCC is asking for your input into the waterfront, again. It seems like we’ve hardly stopped commenting on it, and yet, so important is this part of the city to our overall ethos, that we’re keen to look again. Incidentally – the time for submissions on the Manners Mall proposal – has passed, and I see that the Arch Centre has given it a firm…

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The joy and sense of fun that is the Wellington Waterfront never ceases to amaze me. Today in the local paper, an expose is made on a number of new / newly released projects for the waterfront, of which I just can’t ignore. Entitled, perhaps a little too zoomorphicaly, “Is that toilet a crayfish or an aardvark?“, the Dom Post unveils attention on a number of…