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Arguably, the brand new building on Site 9 at Kumutoto, leased out to lawyers Bell Gully and others, will be the last ever new building constructed on the waterfront. This marks a huge milestone therefore – it is, I think, the last building site identified on the Waterfront Framework. Site 7 became home to what is now the Meridian building, site 6 was presumably the site…

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Submissions are due to the WCC on Monday 5 November 2012, regarding proposals for the Design Brief for North Kumutoto (sites 8, 9, 10). Please DO make a submission – otherwise the NIMBYs may stall further work on these sites. Regarding this, I’m going to write a quick post on public space. It starts here in Wellington: The area we are talking about, obviously, is Wellington’s…

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Breaking News – Waterfront Watch has succeeded in the Environment Court, putting WCC and WWL well and truly back in their bottle, with the turning down of Variation 11. Congratulations to Pauline Swann and her indefatigable spirit. Other news media like Stuff and Scoop haven’t posted this story yet, so I can’t confirm, but it sounds like the sensible route of all buildings on the waterfront…

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The Wellington City Council must have known it was going to be picking a hard road to go down when it proposed Variation 11, and sure enough, the District Plan change is due to go to appeal at the Environment Court. Most of our readers will know about it: it’s a variation to permit buildings of a certain size to be constructed on the waterfront, without…