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A welcome to those of you new visitors who may have visited the Eye of the Fish site since the talk at the City Gallery today. The EoTF is a site set up as a forum to discuss city matters (in Wellington) generally, and Urban matters and Design in particular. Feel free to comment on line any time – yes, it can be anonymous if you’re…

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The Courtenay Place Park seems more-or-less finished now, having recently unveiled the second and final stage of it’s development. A very minimal and very urban park, it’s strengths lies in the quality of the finish and detailing, as well as the enhancement of pedestrian flow within this highly-traffic area. The park creates two axes, each in parallel to the adjacent street or footpath, resulting a wedge-shaped…

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Is it just me, or has the media coverage of the proposed Courtenay Place changes focused a little too much on the issues related to the curbing of an “out-of-control” party zone, much to the detriment of several other important issues. For example, in the Dominion Post it was noted that: “Out-of-control drinking … has prompted a radical review, which could result in which could result…