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The Maranui is being slowly rebuilt, but the Lyall Bay saga goes on. Last week Wellingtonians were given a preview of the proposed new Lyall Bay clubhouse, that has now had to incorporate additional changing rooms and toilets for the public. It sounds like they were not too happy with the prospect unveiled. It is a very similar offering to Archaus’ previous design, which was also…

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People power rules. Or so it seems today – if the paper is right, then the Maranui may be about to be saved. We discussed the 5th Scenario here, with some reasonably heated dialogue, but it sounds as though a sensible agreement has been reached. Under a deal announced today, the club gets ownership of the building, along with $350,000 of ratepayers’ money toward repairs, and…

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Updated – see end of post. A short update on the public meeting in Kilbirnie regarding the fate of the Maranui Surf Life Saving Club. It was a packed meeting – almost to the rafters – and there was no doubt where the crowd’s allegiances lay. While Council officers and others bravely presented information and requested that now was a good time to sit back and…

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Further Update: Council meeting to discuss this issue, from 7.30 to 9.30 on 22 October, at St Catherine’s College Hall – 14 Upper Bourke Street, Kilbirnie…. Although not an overly frequent frequenter to the suburbs, there is a certain feeling about being by the beach that we quite like: if we weren’t an urban blog, we’d be a seaside blog. Lyall Bay, home of Wellington’s best…