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Updated! Now featuring Paisley Park! A short post – featuring the work of one of our readers who prefers to remain uncredited: showcasing the new Supreme Court, but with a more pacific-style wrapping to the ‘screen’. Frangipani rules! Naughty: but somehow satisfyingly appropriate. Feel free to send us in your versions with other alternative schemes, should you feel so inclined, and we’ll post them up here….

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We’re back in business. How could we not be – today of all days. There are so many things that we could discuss – a Whale on the loose, a Dolphin run amok, a Basset feeding kittens, horrific tales of woe from the mess that is Haiti, a right royal Willy shaking hands, a Cockatoo with a cock or too, and a Fish on the comeback…

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Here at the Fish, we’re doing our best to be as nice as we can be this year, as it’s going to be a tough year for all of you architects out there. So therefore we’ve been avoiding reviewing some buildings altogether as there may just be nothing good to say about them at all. Honest, I’ve been biting my tongue so much that the water…

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It seems to be such a shame to go off all ballistic on the eve of a pleasant Christmas week, but the announcement today about the cost over-runs on the Supreme Court fair made my blood boil. While normally a left of centre supporter, and one who lives in sick apprehension about the mayhem about to be unleashed upon us by National’s unrestricted puppies of Doom, the…