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A new (proposed / draft / actual – who knows, really?) District Plan has dropped and it fills me with dread. Horror. Revulsion. They’ve only gone and screwed it up again, haven’t they? I’m not going to mince my words about this – what is being proposed in terms of height limits in the Central Area is a crime against humanity. What was discussed and submitted…

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“Art for Art’s sake – Money for God’s sake”. Or as we have it now, Growth for Growth’s sake. We now have a Council that has passed the Spatial Plan, in a decision that some have described being a battle over young vs old. Up to 80,000 more people will be able to live in our city, in a gradual process over the next 30+ years….

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This Thursday is a big day for Wellington – the Council will vote on the Draft Spatial Plan and will decide whether or not to accept its recommendations. One of the big issues on the DSP is the issue of building heights – and I’m picking that this issue is only going to get bigger. The Dom Post picked up on this at the weekend with…