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Budget has just been announced, and I’ve still to go through it, but a couple of things sprung out to me. Public Housing – $3 billion “Robertson said the Government would build 3000 new state homes by June 2025. The new public houses were expected to cost $3.1 billion in capital investment, on top of $465 million operational costs.” By my basic arithmetic, that means the…

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The Wellington Civic Trust is holding a Seminar this coming weekend on “Round About the Basin“, with a grand line-up of speakers and presentations so that everyone can have their say. The question still remains: “is anyone in power actually going to be listening?” – to which almost certainly the answer will be “lip service only.” It’s great that the Civic Trust takes it on itself…

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This posting takes as it’s start the musings of a regular reader / commenter, “Starkive”, with a musing on the possibility of covering / incorporating the proposed overpass across the Basin Reserve with…     …no, not ants, but with something: As it happens I am a cricket tragic and – to the extent that being an Auckland supporter will allow – a Basin lover. I…