From our watery vantage point out in the harbour, we Fish survey the shore with interest. The other day (when the sun was out: remember what the sun looks like?) we spied something that we thought was odd. This first building is for some nameless private company, with a big blobby amoeba like logo splashed on the end facade. I think that once upon a time it was designed by Craig Craig Moller? Built in the early 80s as far as I remember, it is an interesting design: the first grapplings of Gordon Moller perhaps in going from a simple housing bach form at which he was so good, towards a vernacular of towers with roofs, of which his 70s Boulcott St building was probably the first.
And nearby is this building, which was always just another bad example of 80s PoMo with an elongated colonnade on the top floor, and is currently occupied by yet another nameless government department. I have no idea who designed it – perhaps you do, and can tell us – but I doubt that it was CCM. Its not bad enough to be a WAM 80s PoMo number, but its pretty close. Bland, dull and impersonal: the perfect building for a civil service.
And then I noticed that shape. The apex of the roof-like cutout seemed oddly familiar. If I just swam around a little more…
There. They seem to line up perfectly. Are they by any chance related? The similarities seem too close to be an accident. Are we meant to assume that one has, like an amoeba, just spawned the other? Is there a story behind here that I just don’t know? Am I the first to notice, or has everyone always known this and am I perhaps the last to know? Do tell…

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