Monday morning: my mind mentioned monumental Mondrians.
Tuesday: thought that this told tales of tall towers.
Wednesday: was when we wondered where we were.
Today however, all was revealed. Closed my eyes for a second, took my mind off the ball, and with a start I find that the wraps have come off the Monument apartments in a most alluring manner. So: Architecture + and Stratum / CAS have done it again: completed a major new apartment building in the middle of a nasty recession. Although Monument is not quite finished yet, the east elevation unveiled just within the last week has shown us a bright new facade in welcome contrast to the boring black of the Hotel de Wheels just across de road.
It’s interesting to compare the new Monument to its big brother Piermont just next door. While both buildings have completely crap websites that tell you nothing and just waste your time, if my memory serves me right there is also a large courtyard to the rear here, which links to the Piermont’s courtyard. Eventually, one day, if CAS get hold of the neighbouring sites, perhaps they’ll join them all together in a giant threesome or even foursome, back to back, courtyard fronting up against courtyard: true European style inner-city living on our doorstep at last. But sadly, with no plans available online, nor a working showroom open, there is little else we can show you inside at present. Maybe later.

Rumoured to have plans for a large 4 Square store in the ground floor, in a valiant effort to take away the dominance of the New World just a block away, the cut and colour of the facade poses an interesting question or two: is the homage to Mondrianesqueness (to invent a suitable word) just an aesthetic affectation, or is there a more meaningful method behind the melange? And did the design team ever feel tempted, when they got word of their new tenant down below, to tweak the colour range just a little…?
Update 17 Aug: Of course, I was just kidding with the picture up the top. Trying out the possibilities of a different, more corporate colour scheme. I’m sure that Arch + have never done this, and would never be so crass… … or would they? Here’s the real colour scheme below.