Amazingly, the weather held off enough for a perfect evening for another great Fireworks night. 


Photo courtesy of Jake Faulkner on Flickr. And Wellington’s best comes out on Guy Fawkes night, as the waterfront fills up, the roof parties get going (neighbours greeting each other from their Mt Victoria rooftop locations for the first time again since last year), and Oriental Parade opens up their expensive sea views and we get to see them instead. But possibly never before had the notion of celebrating Guy Fawkes Day seemed so inappropriate, so English, so totally pointless. So why do we keep celebrating the day when someone tried but didn’t quite succeed in blowing up the British Parliament – some 400 years ago. So he was a Catholic – so what? So he didn’t quite succeed in giving the Brits a well-deserved rocket – so what? The only Wellingtonian still banging on about that is Hector Westfold of Haitaitai, who no doubt was out burning an effigy of the Pope as he has done for the last 400 years

Yesterday for me was all about Obama this and Obama that, a total Obama-rama (ramalamadingdong).


Photo courtesy of Delta Niner. And that all seems a lot more reason to celebrate – the day that America dared enough to grow up and have hope in the future, to have hope in itself again.

Dare I say, ten hours into election day, that our “white knight” came in the form of a multi-racial, articulate Harvard graduate whose own family looks like a page from the United Nations facebook. A man whose father is Kenyan, whose sister is half Asian, whose brother-in-law is Chinese Canadian and whose grandparents are as white as the Kansas plains. A man whose mother gave him all the books of religion to read in the hopes that he would recognize that everyone has something beautiful to contribute. A man who only half a century ago could have been lynched for the words he speaks today.

Lets hope it lasts. And lets ditch Guy Fawkes for a well deserved rest, and celebrate Obama Day in the future. Normal transmission of Wellington urban matters will be resumed shortly, once we’ve got our own, less exciting election out of the way.