Following on from the previous post, where we had observed how good Wellington can get on a nice day (not so good today, unfortunately), there were a few photos left over that we just had to use. There seems to be a few simple principles at work here for successful public space design in general, but throughout the waterfront especially.


Always face your seating to the sea and to the sun… (Jan Gehl noted that humans like to sit with their backs to something solid, but it seems in Wellington we trust each other just fine, and like to sit with our backs to the sun). 


Allow a variety of seating positions and protection away from the wind, and into the sun….. this place is perplexingly popular, not just with prone pedestrians but also with tiny skateboarders, too shy to battle with the big boys at the proper skatepark down the road.


Weekends plus sunshine = parents plus perambulators. A good children’s playground never goes amiss it seems.


Have somewhere where you can eat ice-creams, by the sea, in the sun…. this is the ever popular lagoon watching spot, but really its a cold and windy spot for most of the day, and icy cold in the shade of the edge of Frank Kitts Park. Its a good thing its all due for a redesign.


Finally allow elements of risk, so you don’t feel you’re being closeted and nannied: somewhere to relive your favourite moments from your favourite film…