So I was thinking to myself, as you do on a fine summer’s day like today: what is it that makes Cuba St so special, whereas Manners Mall just doesn’t cut the mustard? 


Is it the paving? Grey bricks just aren’t as warm and friendly as the orange hues of Cuba. Is it the architecture? Cuba’s sure is older, while Manners is newer: but is that all there is?

Is it the people? Surely not – its often the same people in both spaces. 


Is it the shops? It’s noticeable that the fast food barns congregate on the corners of Manners Mall, whereas its the fine food of Matterhorn that coagulates the centre of Cuba St.

Is it the buskers? Harp-lady and violin boys stick to Cuba, while the guitar men and mariachi-singer are happy to play in either space.

Is it the tuatara that happily waits for you to climb on its back, or is it the Bucket Fountain that is resplendent in new paint?


What about the height of the buildings – is it that 2 stories in Cuba makes all the difference in friendliness, while the 10 storey towers of Manners are alienating? 

Or is it the trees and the foliage of Cuba that flips your skirt up, and the bareness of Manners leaves you feeling exposed?


We here at the Eye of the Fish have a few favourite theories about what makes it work: splishy splashy water always helps a fish find its feet. But it may be different for you.

What then, are the 101 things that make Cuba St so good for you?

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