Wellington City Council has launched a survey to find out who is living in the inner city, asking questions such as how long inhabitants have been there, how big their apartments are, and if / where they park their car. About 6500 surveys have been mailed out (which perhaps gives us a clue as to how many apartments are there already) according to this council link, but if you haven’t been sent one, you can still complete one online. The survey runs until 31 May, so we’re not going to see any results for a while yet, but there is a prize of a $200 voucher for a meal at Logan Brown for one lucky punter. Yum. Just take your wallet anyway, because that’s not going to go that far!

One good thing on the survey is that there is a space for suggestions of amenities needed for inner city dwellers – let’s fill their inbox to overflowing. While my personal suggestion list may include such items as the assassination of the 5.00 am rubbish collector, and the requirement for mobile phones to be made illegal to use while walking (I don’t know how people can drive a car when using one, judging by the vagaries of wandering evident from your average Nokia-wielding pedestrian), you may also want to suggest items such as more facilities in the form of inner city parks, pedestrian friendly road crossings (Taranaki and Wakefield: how bad does a corner have to be before it gets some action?!), tiki bars (there has been a strong push from certain quarters on that before), and the revoking of the smoking laws (enabling us to walk the streets once more without being fumigated by ‘open air’ smokers). I’m sure you’ll have some more: suggestions please!