The Eye of the Fish can see many stories, read many texts, and understand many things: but one language that fish don’t speak is Wildstyle.

Graffiti – writing or drawings scribbled, scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

While we hope to write more on the burgeoning graffiti art scene in Wellington (which can be argued as a good thing), and debate more on the subject of tagging (which seems to be more perceived as a bad thing), right now it is, to me, more of a curious thing.


Curious because, some 30 years after it was popular in Europe and America, it now seems to be popular here. Curious because, the Civic Trust have just given a blogger of a small back alley an award for public art.


Curious because, we have an elaborate history of living in a land with a tradition of figure marking, carving, painting: and yet we still copy overseas tired and passe formats in the style of our graffiti. Curious because, I can not figure out what on earth each of these 3 new graffito are saying. Do you know? If so, please feed the Fish… 


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