While the NZTA are serving up orders of Big Mac and Fries with a bit of extra Grandstand on the side, I thought we might just have a quick look at whether they are serving up a just dessert.

Now, call me a cynical old fish, but I think that graphic (please note: Not supplied by NZTA), is being economical with the truth. The picture from the paper yesterday showed a (as yet undesigned) grandstand, at about the same distance away from the existing grandstand, with a little additional skinny bit stretched out between them.

Here’s a plan of what that may look like.

In the paper however, it was described as being over on the bank, in the place of some “soviet-style” toilet block. That’s actually quite a far way away. Here’s a plan of what that may look like.

Hmmm. The little skinny stretchy bit in the middle would have to stretch an awful loooooong way then.

So what about if they had them arrayed evenly around the Basin then? Would that be the right idea?

Hmmmmmm. Something very fishy….