An interesting development: the continued irritation by NZTA and their autocratic methods of planning has spurred the creation of a new Transport group. It’s all rather fledgling at present – no name or website yet, but info about it can be found over at the Strathmore Park website. They say:

“Who are we? – We are a group of dedicated professionals and we are setting out to form alliances with the many groups and individuals who have shown an interest in changing the culture of dominance of Wellington City by private cars and asphalt. We are opposed to the plans by NZTA, GWRC and WCC to build more motorways and road tunnels at a cost of over $1billion, and at the same time abandon electric trolley buses and light rail possibilities. We intend to offer a positive vision for Wellington City involving urban renewal facilitated by a modern transport system. We seek the reallocation of government funds currently allocated for roads, to fund more electric public transport, walking and cycling which recognizes the compelling need to decarbonize the city for climate and health.”

If you are interested in supporting them, finding out more, or joining them, then go to the link on the Strathmore Park website and fill in their form. I’m sure they’d be glad to hear from you.

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