Councilor Helene Ritchie has posed a list of very good questions – which she is seeking feedback on. What DO we want from our Long Term Plan? Wellington City Council is seeking feedback, by April 17. So, hurry up! Ok, over to Councilor Ritchie:   0274488669
Your answers will help guide me in my decision-making. Please email back to me.
Formal submission forms  are available on
Closing date April 17.
(Some figures are indicative only and may not represent the final cost)
Do you think your rates  should  be used to fund:
1. A developer and Hilton Convention Centre
$36.9 million (ten years, locked in for 20,  renewable for a further 15- approx $100 million- 35 years)
2. The historic Town Hall earthquake strengthening
3. A New concert and sports arena  $64m
4. Museum of conflict/war  $10-$18m
5. A $300-$500m extension to the airport runway (majority owned by a private company)
6. A film museum Waterfront location?          $5m
7. If you have a priority new project  which  number is it?
8. There are a number of ” flexible”, unspecific economic funds proposals in the budget of  over $230 million.  Should  Council  be able to  dip into  these without clearly specifying the specific purpose and outcomes?
9. Council is proposing to separately title parts of the heart of the City-Civic Centre, and to sell it  piece by piece to developers:
• The early (MOB) large Council building and
• The green open space (Ilott Green)
to be replaced with a building-height allowable  27m (or more with dispensations) and
• The Michael Fowler Centre carpark
The Civic Centre was  originally designed  as an integrated whole. Today it is the best public civic  space  in Aotearoa/NZ ; with heritage status.
Do you support the dismantling of civic centre and these sales?
12. Should Council “demolish” Frank Kitts Park, put a Chinese Garden there,  flatten and change the Children’s playground? ($8.5m approx next 2 years)
13. Should Council instead maintain Frank Kitts Park,  and leave it as it is?
14. Should the Town Hall be opened up now (and get on with restrengthening it in accordance with the Council time limits: cf St James and Opera House)
(The Town hall at present is planned to be closed for approx 8 years until 2012-20.)
(Approx. $58.5 m)

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