The Eye of the Fish has tried to keep away from the whole sorry saga of the Sports Centre, but recent developments deserve a forum for comment. The entire Sports Centre fad has escaped by the Fish, for whom the idea of 12 courts full of screaming netballers sounds more like a living hell than a place we’d ever want to go to. Apparently even 12 courts is a small number, claim the supporters, who point a regional places like Palmerston North have more courts, like a somewhat ridiculous 20 or so. Given that Palmerston North is an odious hellhole at the best of times, and out of range of the Fish, lets not go there. Ever.


This particular Indoor proposal is the end result of a badly messed up procurement proposal, whereby apparently the location of the ISC changed position numerous times even while the competition was being run. Tensions over this have obviously been running deep for some years now, with yesterday’s DomPost announcement that Mayor Kerry was placing the onus squarely on the shoulders of Andy Foster, who has appealed against the ISC being placed on its current site.  


But when your head of Urban Design and Transport committees publicly comes out against it, shouldn’t you at least recognise there is something deeply wrong with the site? Actually, it seems that everyone agrees that the site is flawed, but most seem to be saying, “We know its not perfect, but its the best of a bad bunch”. Banana comparisons aside, what do you think should be done?