The Eye of the Fish

December 1, 2014

Le poisson est mort, vive le poisson!

Maximus appears to have departed. Taken leave. Gone AWOL.

I’m hopeful that the Eye of the Fish is not dead – so, calling for people to put themselves forward as possible contributors. It would be nice not to see it fall by the wayside. If you are keen, contact the Eye of the Fish on : contact @ eyeofthefish . org

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Rumour has it that he went to join ISIS – or to fight against it, i’m not quite sure which…

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That’s odd. Cos I heard she had gone to join John Key’s team, to boost the blogosphere of the Prime Minister.

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You’re both wrong. The Fish has changed its name and absconded to Brazil. They may have caught Phillip Smith, but they’ll never catch the Maximus…

Seamonkey Madness
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Our truimph in space – the national anthem of the Soviets?

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…Maximus… to infinity, and Beyond !

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if you need more commentators, anonymous or not, you should encourage ‘the beard’ to make a return?

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The “beard” is not available. We have tried…. While we are on the subject, Tom Beard has been continually harassed over the last several years, being accused of being the writer Maximus. He is not, and never has been, Maximus.

Seamonkey Madness
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In other news, Wellington has just been added to the Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘100 Resilient Cities’ list.

Cities in the 100RC network are provided with the resources necessary to develop a roadmap to resilience along four main pathways:
1. Financial and logistical guidance for establishing an innovative new position in city government, a Chief Resilience Officer, who will lead the city’s resilience efforts;
2. Expert support for development of a robust resilience strategy;
3. Access to solutions, service providers, and partners from the private, public and NGO sectors who can help them develop and implement their resilience strategies; and
4. Membership of a global network of member cities who can learn from and help each other.

So not just glad-handing and lip service, although I’m sure there will be that in spades over the next couple of weeks from the politicians involved. At least it is a step in the right direction and something positive being done for the city and it citizens.