The Eye of the Fish

November 4, 2016

Hotels springing up like weeds

What’s happening Wellington? From being a dead city that no one knows what to do with (thanks honky johnkey), Wellington now seems to be the place-de-jour for hotels. Castles has got one going opposite Davy Jones (very clever placement there Alex!), there is a proposal for one on the site next to the Michael Fowler Centre (are you not forgetting the giant underground tank for holding stormwater / sewerage that is under there?), one at the airport (now underway?) and now, today, there is another proposal for a new hotel on the Tenths Trust land down by the Bus Station – about which I know nothing. The previous scheme (which caused the rather public undoing of the Love and the Skiffington) was by Athfield Architects (I think? correct me if I’m wrong), but is this one by them or by someone else? It is in the DomPost today, but not on Stuff website, so I can’t direct you to more news about it, but here is a picture:
The Eye of the Fish had written about the previous one some time ago, when it was in the news, but since then the whole thing erupted in an orgy of back-biting, back-handing, back-sliding, and other fishy attributes too oily to mention. You’ve all read the papers, and all heard the news – but the scheme lives on.

But who can tell us more about this scheme? Is it still an Ath? or is it some one else? And are there any plans to peruse? The article in the DomPost says it will be a mixture of apartments and hotels rooms, and perhaps one becomes the other, but what I am most concerned about is: how does it impact on the road, and the links to and from the stations, with bus and train? What is the interface like? Tell me more!

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The associated apartments are online at Can’t say I’m terribly impressed – very cookie cutter.

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Not exactly what I’d call inspiring, no. Weird how there is no mention of the design team, almost as if they are too ashamed to mention, and let’s be honest here: the planning is crap. Should be a Reject by the Council if they had any balls. Come back when it is better.