The Eye of the Fish

March 3, 2015

End of the Golden Weather?

I can’t believe how long and how beautiful this summer has been. Brings on a severe disinclination to sit inside and blog, I must say… Normal transmission (if there is such a thing) may be resumed shortly. May be.

Snapped this moment from the foreshore the other day (oh, to have a cottage that close to the sea, and with such views to die for!).

The next day, dark storm clouds on the horizon… literally. There was a thin gap underneath the cloud, over the tip of Te Waipounamu, where the sun still glinted over Golden Bay. There is definitely a storm a-brewing, but so far it just seems to hover over the hills to the west, and not actually make it ashore. I mean – look at the blue sky right now! Of course, its a horrible drought for the farmers, but for the rest of us – its still time to go fishing!

6 - 03 - 15

well that’s fixed that then! Definite big dump of water… OK, driven back inside – I might have to restart the blog then…

8 - 03 - 15

Enough water for you yet Levi? I reckon we had enough rain yesterday to last a month of Sundays. Can we have our sunshine back now please?